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Places to visit in San Francisco


San Francisco is associated with Golden Gate Bridge but this is not a lonely landmark in this area. This cultural and commercial center is densely populated and all interesting things are packed tightly there. The area is not that big – the strip of land is 121 square kilometers.

Public_SFconservatory-03Tourists love San Francisco for many reasons. It seems that happy people live there. They always feel exhilarated so there is nothing surprising that San Francisco became a special place for formation of the counterculture. It was a magnet for Beat generation writers. Hippies flocked to San Francisco in the 1960s. For instance, Jefferson Airplane started their career in San Francisco at that time. The hippie movement thrived in the Haight-Ashbury district, where Golden Gate Park is located. You should necessarily visit it and explore the sights located in it such as Conservatory of Flowers, which is the oldest Victorian greenhouse and a place of exceptional beauty.

Golden Gate Park attractions include the 75-feet Dutch Windmill with huge sails, used for powering irrigation in the park, spectacular Beach Chalet with old frescoes, Carousel, Bison Paddock, the Botanical Garden of San Francisco, Japanese Tea Garden with towering pagodas, traditional gates and statues and other exciting sites. The history affected the place. Even now the hottest night clubs are located in San Francisco. The night life is rich in the city.

photo-7129272San Francisco is unique as it is located on 42 hills, so there are a lot of stairs and slopes in the city. As you go down the stairs of Telegraph Hill, or, to be more precise 400 of them, you can observe a beautiful city with its incredible flora and fauna. There are a lot of stunning parrots in San Francisco. You can see them as you explore the city on foot.

You can also see many interesting things as you travel by historic trolley. It can show the city for several dollars only. There are 17 retro look trolley cars in the service.

The first successful cable-operated street railway opened in 1873 in the city. The cable cars are pulled by a cable that runs below a street.

Have a look at the famous Lombard street known for its crookedness. It goes through the Russian Hill neighborhood to the Telegraph Hill. The street looks Interesting due to its 8 sharp turns.

sanfrancisco-alcatrazDo not skip a guided tour to Alcatraz as you visit this city. The tourists travel by ferry to Alcatraz and get the chance to look at the whole city from the water. The former federal penitentiary is often referred to as the Rock. The island developed its facilities to be a lighthouse, a military fortification, and a prison. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Now the place is open to tours. The history of Alcatraz is rich and interesting. This is the place where the most notorious prisoners were kept such as Al Capone. You will love to explore the history of the place.

There are a lot of eccentric museums in San Francisco: cable car museum, Exploratorium, Walt Disney family museum and so on. These are just several highlights you can find in this sunny, beautiful and friendly Californian city.