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Welcome to Elite Club

Welcome to Elite Club! The world of luxury, exclusivity and discretion. Elite Club Ltd. is a division of Berkeley Enterprise, an international group of companies. The company offers a wide range of bespoke services for every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle. We offer our clients the best-in-class hotels and resorts, cruises, super yachts, private jets, elite real estate and private wealth management. Elite Club Ltd offers elite holidays for sophisticated travellers who value service, quality, and exclusivity.

Our Competitive Advantage

Elite Club is a Luxury Lifestyle Management Company. We offer creative solutions, innovative ideas, convenience, and discretion. Our mission is to provide our clients with exclusive ACCESS to luxury services and products. Elite Club is different because our team combines highly professional standards with a tailored service to meet clients’ individual needs. We are an international team that offers unique consulting services with a one-of-a-kind perspective on luxury.

Today, we are working on becoming a first provider of for a digital luxury travel. We plan to offer special deals on luxury hotels, first class airfare, villa rentals and charter flights, all instantly bookable online. There is no provider on the market today that offers a wide range of bespoke services online. Elite Club Ltd. has a strong platform and an unparalleled database for luxury travel that has helped us to become the leading expert in our field.

Online Guide to Luxury / City Guide

Elite Club Ltd. offers the most exclusive content surrounding the most amazing travel destinations, luxury gifts, elite real estate and more. Weekly editorial content provides an insight into the latest trends, new collections, most desired travel destinations and most exclusive gifts.

Our new Elite Club City Guide gives access to the world’s most luxurious hotels, best SPAs, gourmet restaurants and hottest entertainment spots. Our Guide is based first and foremost on the travel needs of the clients who know they want to get the best of the best when they travel.

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