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Hello and welcome to my online guide to luxury and bespoke services for unique travel experiences, leisure and exclusive events. I am Alina Reyzelman and I am the founder of Elite Club Ltd. I am an international entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and passionate traveller. In my past professional years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and observe the most enigmatic and wonderful world of exclusive travel. Though this experience I was able to found Elite Club Ltd to share my expertise and knowledge.

Worldwide luxury consulting has never been more easily accessible than with Elite Club, Ltd. I am passionate about travelling and connecting its diverse and exotic offerings to equally passionate individuals.. Offering bespoke high-end lifestyle advice to individuals across the globe, Elite Club Ltd. provides the best options in the world. Having seen, tasted, tested, and experienced what makes countries so vibrant, I believe that I bring global offerings straight to clients’ doorsteps in well-thought out and customized packages.

Today, Elite Club is the ultimate luxury travel guide because we stay on top of news, trends and challenges to bring the best of the best to our clients. We define luxury as a blend between a dream, original ideas, pampered buying experience and superior quality. Luxury products and services have a tradition of exquisite craftsmanship; they offer history of tradition, magnetism, and the aura of perfection. Companies that produce luxury goods go above and beyond in the pursuit of quality. And our philosophy is based on these basic principles; we want to source and seek those special and truly unique items to deliver a fantasy in reality to our clients.

Come with me and find out what’s happening in the world of first class travel, luxury bliss and extraordinary comfort!

Alina Reyzelman’s Professional Bio 

alina-balcony-fullAn expert on international living and leading a healthy lifestyle, Alina Reyzelman started at humble beginnings and rose to corporate success as a self-taught financial and healthy living aficionado. Reyzelman embraces the world and is passionate about sharing her international experiences through a variety of information services provided through her projects, including Eat Well Co and Elite Club Ltd.

Prior to becoming entrepreneur, Reyzelman started her career working for energy companies and consulting firms holding various senior roles. With 15 years of commercial business expertise in large, international corporations, she found Elite Club Ltd. in 2007 and also works to promote her knowledge of healthy eating habits and wellness through her project Eat Well Co.

Alina Reyzelman is a resident of Moscow and London, she also spends a lot of time in the US and travels extensively around the world. Alina is actively involved in charity work, admires classics and art, and is an artist herself. Alina is a PhD student, a connoisseur of wines and foods, and the author of world restaurant guide. Her research on the power of aphrodisiacs led to her book Sex Diet, which provides a new take on nutrition and healthy eating.

Alina is fond of entertainment industry; she writes movie scripts and plans to develop projects in Hollywood.  Alina recently wrote, produced and directed a documentary film A Girl and the City. Alina became a digital darling and has a big followers’ base on Instagram and Twitter. She promotes elegant business style through her fashion blog where Alina writes about trends, designers and brands of corporate attire style, and tips on how to be dressed like a lady. Visit www.alinareyzelman.com for more information.