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Bambi – a new star in the world of street art


Street art culture became an interesting phenomenon nowadays. Unsanctioned artwork gained huge popularity during the boom of graffiti art that started in the 1980s. One of the most popular forms of modern street art is stencil graffiti, which is applied nowadays by Banksy, Bambi and other graffiti artists.

Bambi is an English graffiti artist, who is often called a female Banksy. She also hides her identity. Bambi works at dawn in a mask and goggles trying to protect her identity. Both artists present controversial art that is politically loaded at times, though Bambi’s works are not so politicized. Some consider their creations offensive, others make them cult. Though their creations are available for wide public, they sell their artworks at a steep price!

Bambi is a derivative from Bambino – it was her nickname in the childhood. She led a nomadic lifestyle in her childhood as she changed 22 schools – this is pretty much, and it definitely told on her development and personality.

What do we know about Bambi? Not much. She loves to drive an Aston Martin as everything that has to do with James Bond. Bambi buys designer outfits. Agent Provocateur and Vivienne Westwood are her favorite brands. She has a sweet tooth and prefers handmade chocolate Paul A Young.  Bambi is a Londoner and her father, who died three years ago, was a jazz musician, while her mother is an artist.

11116-0000616b5-8182_kate-middleton-art-535x313Bambi first gained public attention in 2011 when she created a stunning portrait of Amy Winehouse on the wall of the supermarket. The interlaced hearts depicted on Amy’s portrait showed importance of personal relationship. The Royal wedding picture of Kate and William, purchased by Brad Pitt, Queen Elizabeth II playing cards on the throne with the tagline ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ are among her most famous creations.

Her artworks cost tens of thousands pounds already. Many A-listers purchased her works, for instance, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Robbie Williams and many others. Kanye West commissioned the artist to paint a portrait of his fiancée Kim Kardashian. That was a wedding gift. On the artwork, Kim wears a g-string and a pair of Louboutins.

Bambi is often compared with Banksy, therefore the exhibition was arranged, where the difference between their styles was clearly noticed. The exhibition was called “When Banksy met Bambi”. It did not only reveal deeper differences between them, but demonstrated change of trends in street art.

Acting as outsiders in the modern world, they both succeeded to be commercially successful. She hides her identity because she wants to preserve her creative freedom.  In the desire to stay anonymous, Bambi still creates intrigue over this issue. She said in the interview that she is a successful pop star known to all. The whole country tries to guess who is that might be.  In spite of the hint, the mystery is not solved yet.

Excellent artworks created by graffiti artists like Bambi are not confined to specially dedicated places: museums or galleries. They are available for all in the street. Isn’t it democratic? This defiance to conventional system seems to look especially alluring for public and helps the artist gain commercial success as well.