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The most interesting places of Mongolia


There is something mysterious about Mongolia. This country presents incredible mixture of fantastic things which are intertwined with each other.  And after different features blend you can find something really amazing. Mongolia is a perfect destination for tourists who like to travel out of beaten path. Its indigenous culture penetrates the whole journey and opens another world for you.

When you think of such things as shamanism that is still practiced in the country, you are intrigued. When you see herds of animals that roam on the lush grasslands, you are impressed with the charm of this country. But then you find out that nomadic herders still work the way they did in the times of Genghis Khan, and this is their own choice, you are full of curiosity and want to explore this land full of extraordinary things you will not find in other places! At this point you understand how unique this country is. Besides, it is great just to rest there. The nature is versatile: you can see desert, mountains, steppe and clear lakes.

Russia-Sunset-at-Kucherla-LakeMongolia is excellent destination for ecotourism as there are crystal clear lakes and rivers there. You can enjoy its green meadows and pine forests. As 800 years ago, there is a small nomadic community that consists of 60 families. They are reindeer herders and their business has remained the same in spite of the fact that the whole world changed. They still depend upon this business and survive thanks to it.

You can visit Altay region that is covered with legends. There are a lot of archeological sites there where different ancient statues were found. The explorers discovered many things that belonged to different cultures and religions such as carvings, handicrafts, stone geometric calculations and etc. Mounds of Pazyryk culture are among the most amazing discoveries of the place. Altay Mountains is a great choice for physically fit person. The pristine nature and unspoiled beauty of the place will inspire you.

1ec67360416e2665a918b038ac531eae_bigStart to explore the tourist places of interest with Genghis Khaan Statue Complex that is located in on the Genghis Khaan Square, in Ulaanbaatar City. The complex faces spectacular natural scenery with the Tuul River. A golden whip of Genghis Khaan was found at that place. Genghis Khaan’s statue on a horseback is one of the largest statues in the world. There are 36 columns around it that symbolize all khans who reigned in Mongolia after Genghis Khaan.

Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan is a fantastic building in southern part of Ulaanbaatar, which is beautifully decorated with the Buddhist artwork. The Palace is one of the four residences that belonged to the Emperor of Mongolia and now this is a museum.

Monastère_d'Erdene_Zuu_2It is interesting to visit Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia which were destroyed during the Communist era and then restored after the system collapsed. The most beautiful monasteries are

  • Erdene Zuu, which is located not far from Kharkhorin,
  • Amarbayasgalant, located between Darkhan,
  • Erdenet and Gandanin Ulaanbaatar.

Gandan Monastery is one of the Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries of Mongolia. The name is translated as “Great Place of Complete Joy”. It escaped destruction by the Communist government in 1930-s but it was closed. The monastery started functioning again in 1990 with the end of Marxism in Mongolia. The statue of Avalokiteśvara, which was previously destroyed, was restored in 1996. Now it is the tallest indoor statue in the world – its height is 26,5 meters.

3a573f3c5d61If you want to see Buddhist rare exhibits, you should go to the Mongolia Museum of Art. You can also visit the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts in Ulaanbaatar to see the collection of interesting Buddhist art of the 17th century. There are some ancient rare exhibits as well in the museum, even items of the Stone Age enter the collection. The ceilings are 5 meters high to be able to demonstrate huge skeletons of the dinosaurs. Along with Natural history museum in Ulaanbaatar, these are the most notable Mongolian museums where many valuable archeological finds can be found.

If you want to buy the Mongolian carpet, you should go to Erdenet – the second largest city in Mongolia. This is the most developed and cleanest city in the country. There the carpet factory is located. It is better to visit the city during the Naadam festival, because you can visit the horse races at this period.