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What to do in Argentina


Argentina is the eighth biggest country in the world with versatile landscape. There are Andes’ highest peaks, rich wetlands with abundant wildlife, deserts and jungle in the northeast of the country so there is much interesting to see. Tourists choose to visit Buenos Aires, Cordoba, the second biggest city of Argentina, La Plata known for its interesting layout, Rosario with its amazing neoclassical architecture and San Miguel de Tucumán known for colonial architecture and its historic role. The Declaration of Independence from Spain was announced there in 1816.

The natural wonders of the country include Iguazú Falls with 275 waterfalls and cascades. It is taller and much wider than Niagara falls, so it looks rather impressive. The Devil’s Throat is at the center of Iguazú Falls.

Take the “train to the clouds” in Salta.

viaggio-avventura-largentina-in-4x4_168019_bigThis is the name of a train trip in the mountains – “Tren a las Nubes”. The scenery is fantastic! The cost is $120-140 depending on the season. You can explore multicolored hills in Salta. These beautiful rock formations can be found near the border with Bolivia.

Lovers of history will find much to explore in Buenos Aires with cobblestone streets that contribute to the old time charm of the city. Its striking boulevards and historical facades are loved by all, therefore the city acquired the name “Paris of the South”.

La Plata is the best-planned city. Its neat planning was highly assessed in the world. You will not lose your way in this city, as its grid system is rather simple. The city is called the City of Diagonals. The biggest church in Argentina is located in the city. This is the neo-gothic cathedral of La Plata. The city has a rich cultural and night life. You can go to New Argentinian Theatre, Coliseo Podestá Theatre or Islas Malvinas Cultural Center. You can dance in one of the nightclubs or practice jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing at Punta Lara beaches. The regional handicrafts present ceramica Rahue.

e9eb494e744e08ba7a443a8818a63If you love nature, you should not skip an opportunity to visit Patagonian lakes and  Perito Moreno Glacier featuring all shades of blue.

There are a lot of tango bars and antique shops in Buenos Aires. Enjoy the street performances of many talented dancers. The spirit of bohemian neighborhood San Telmo is felt perfectly there.

Argentina is the country where you can try the finest wines and dine on delicious barbequed lamb. The centers of Argentinian wine trade are Mendoza and San Juan. The climate is perfect there for wine cultivation. Many remarkable wineries are located in the sunny Mendoza region. You can order the organized bus wine tour or you can get a personalized itinerary with a knowledgeable driver would be your guide.

argentinskii_tango_2Tango, which became a part of world’s cultural heritage added by UNESCO, determines the cultural identity of Argentina. Take some tango lessons for better mood. Argentine gastronomic offering is not limited to beef of superb quality. Culture of Argentina blended the influences of the Old World and other cuisines to create exceptional taste.

Enjoy meals in the right restaurant.

Casa Cruz features stylish mahogany interior, exclusive environment of Sucre with comprehensive selection of Argentine wines.

home_puertomaderoThe French cuisine can be found in La Bourgogne, Chila or Nectarine. In Osaka you can find fusion of Asian cuisines. Excellent seafood dishes can be found in Oviedo.

The best bars and clubs in Buenos Aires are in Palermo Soho. Try a cool steak in Argentina. The meat is excellent with no hormones and prepared on a succulent grill called an Asado.