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Art Issue

I recently came across the artwork by Lorenzo Quinn in Halcyon Gallery in London. His sculpture pieces “Forces of Nature” and “Finding Love” have captured my attention and inspired to do more research about the artist and his work. Lorenzo Quinn is a great example of an international citizen who achieved global success through talent, contemporarily vision and hard work. His sculptures appear in public displays, private collections, he frequently exhibits around the world and many governments have commissioned his work for museums.

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Los Angeles Issue

Every time I am in LA I feel that I have to be Red Carpet ready 24/7. When I think about the style and looks of LA, this is what comes to mind: obsession with fashion, vanity, tan, slim, high heels, extravagant and chic. This city keeps you on your toes. You watch what you eat and you watch what you wear. Because who knows you may dine next to Steven Spielberg or bump into Arnold Schwarzeneggerr on Sunset Boulevard like it happened to me last year. So make sure you have your SPA treatments, makeup and hair done before you are out of the door.

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