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Best Beaches in Europe

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe?

Here is a selection of the best beaches for relaxing, partying or simply walking. Pack your bathing suits, your sunglasses, do not forget the sunscreen, and discover those heavenly beaches.

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

For that dreamy coastal walk
Steeped in history and art, and offering the best in pizza, pasta, ice cream and coffee, rather unsurprisingly, Italy’s coastline is my favourite. Nestled beneath the Amalfi Mountains on the divine ‘Path of the Gods’ walking route, lays this pale pebbled beauty. Paddle in the topaz waters whilst indulging in a beach time stroll and gaze up at the pretty rainbow of quaint little buildings set into the hillside, before a well deserved sit down and an Amaretto.

Portals Vells, Mallorca

If you’re after Spanish seclusion
Mallorca has a lot more to offer than simply over-sized sombreros and straw donkeys, with mountain ranges, olive groves and miles upon miles of white sandy beaches (plus piña coladas with miniature umbrellas that come as standard) the largest of the Balearics is a must-see isle. Follow the bumpy track through the pine woods or moor up in the calm azure waters, either way this secret sandy scape offers some much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of Magalluf. Bask on the quaint 50 metres of sand or don a snorkel to truly explore the turquoise depths. But to really get back to nature, hop across to the nudist beach next door.

Shipwreck Bay, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands

For a truly magical adventure
Floating west off the Greek mainland is Zakynthos, a spectacular island rich in Greek culture, from the music and food to of course, the olive trees. Shipwreck Bay is perhaps one of the most famous beaches of all Greece, but do not let this deter you from frequenting its mystical shores. Met by turquoise Ionian waters, the creamy sands of this cove are only interrupted by a ghostly washed up shipwreck jutting out of the pure white plain. Before heading to this intriguing shore (which is only accessible by boat by the way) a trip up the surrounding limestone cliffs is a must, find the rickety viewing platform and capture that perfect picture of paradise.

Port Man, Port-Cros, Iles d’Hyères, France

If you crave castaway chic
With that quintessential artistic atmosphere, the pristine beaches, fabulous cheeses and even better wines, France is the go to country for some much needed R&R. Just 50 miles off St. Tropez, three untainted gems can be seen floating above the Mediterranean Sea, the smallest of which, yet home to the most flora and fauna is the National Park of Port-Cros. Peppered with hidden coves, our favourite is Port Man, where the sea is tie-dyed turquoise. When hunger calls, be sure to sample the fresh delights of the revered ‘La Parenthèse’ restaurant at the Hotellerie Provençal, one of only two hotels on the island.

Selje, Norway

For the longest days of summer
The sun refuses to set throughout summer and why would it when the whole country remains a place of outstanding natural beauty. From serene lakes and lush wilderness to the multicoloured Scandinavian chocolate box houses that litter the bustling towns. Escape the fast-paced Oslo life and transport to a Norwegian utopia where blonde sands sweep the shore as dreamy waters lap against them. Nestled within the quaint fishing village of Selje, take a stroll along this stretch or hop on a boat to explore the dilapidated Benedictine monastery on the nearby Selja Island.