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This article was written on 14 May 2017.

Countries where tourists should watch to every step

They are proud of the stunning beaches, World Heritage Sites, striking monuments and magnificent nature – but not all travelers dare to come here. In countries with a dictatorial regime of citizens rights and freedoms are limited, and the alien could be imprisoned for insulting the state leader, photographing the sights or simply for their appearance.

North Korea

In North Korea dominated totalitarianism, the head of state – Kim Jong-un, who took office after his father’s death in 2001. This isolated country opened the door a little wider to foreigners, but everywhere pursue special services – by visiting Pyongyang, demilitarized border area, the beaches or the mountains Pektusan. All tourists need to be aware that even minor offenses threatening severe punishment.

N. Korean militia take part in anniversary parade


The stunning national parks and wildlife sanctuaries Zimbabwe inhabited by lions, elephants and other animals, attract thousands of tourists in the country, whose economy is going through difficult times. The African country with a moderately authoritarian political regime is headed by 92-year-old Robert Mugabe since 1980. Citizens and foreigners break the law, if insult or disapproval will respond to the political leader or provezut materials insulting the president’s administration. Also punished for shooting government agencies, airports, military installations, embassies and official residences without government permission. You can not take pictures of police and military, demonstrations and protests.



The best Caribbean beaches belong to Cuba, and the rest in luxurious hotels at Varadero tourists almost unnoticed that the socialist country still lives in a totalitarian regime under the control of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Tourists are advised to avoid mass gatherings, meetings and demonstrations, as well as the areas of deployment of military facilities and other forbidden areas. Also be careful when you take a picture or shoot a video on places where there are no signs. Homosexuality is not forbidden, but same-sex couples should avoid public expression of feelings, in order to avoid unwanted attention of police.