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Cuba is an amazing country of contrasts!


The tourism is well-developed in Cuba. 11 million people live in Cuba and 3 million tourists come to visit the country annually. Most of them come from Canada, Spain, and Italy. Also, the number of American tourists increased almost twice. Cuba needs foreign investment much and tourism is the main source of revenue for the island, which is very attractive destination.

102262911The beauty of beaches is breathtaking. Postcard beautiful places are located close to sleek modern structures. But all this beauty and chic contrast shabby buildings. Old Havana inspired Ernest Hemingway. It used to flourish in 1930-s. The city was vibrant then and had hedonistic nightlife. Now the beautiful facades of buildings remind of that grandeur but those buildings threaten to collapse at any time. Though renovation program was launched, it just can’t be fulfilled because much money is required for that.

Cuba is often called the country of contrasts. You can, for instance, stay at one of the most elegant places of Cuba – Hotel National de Cuba, which is a historic place. Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra stayed there.

cuba3The building was built in the 16th century. The service is on a high level in it. The taxi drivers, who wait for the guests of the hotel, are well dressed: they wear special caps and suits. All seems to be superb until you decide to take a stroll. If you go just several blocks away from the place, you will be astonished with poverty around you. Old buildings and broken sidewalks stand side by side with luxury hotels built for tourists. The locals use quite different infrastructure. They have even different currency – less beneficial than money that tourists use. This is a magnificent and dignified country, but it is timeworn and dilapidated. There is much fun to spend vacation there and at the same time it can be very frustrating. It seems that the country stuck in the past. Many tourists feel as if they got to the 19th century. The tourist bus passes horse-drawn wagons, which are made of wood!  You can also see a goat-drawn wagon. This is unbelievable.

cuba-libre-1Cuba is the country where people do not starve but there are few opportunities to become really rich. There are a lot of cases of pickpocketing but at the same time there is low rate of violent crimes. If you decide to make a cocktail in Cuba, you will discover that such ingredient as rum is very cheap, while cola to mix it with is more expensive. Isn’t it all surprising? This is the portrait of modern Cuba – a unique country with lots of peculiarities of this kind.

In spite of poverty that is sad to observe, Cubans are never sad. They are welcoming, have good sense of humor, laugh, sing and dance.

Salsa can be heard everywhere in Cuba. This is the country that is notkuba1 touched by progress as if they all are frozen in time and this makes the country stand out. Colonial architecture is great. Vintage cars contribute to common atmosphere but almost fall apart. Cubans just can’t afford cars and it makes the island clean, free from litter. You can have an excellent meal in the restaurant at low cost. Substantial dinner with a huge lobster on the plate can cost you just 8 euros. People are very welcoming and kind. There is incredible atmosphere in Cuba!