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Top 5 adrenaline rush tours



  1. Mountaineering and cliff base jumping in Norway

Adrenaline junkies can go to spectacular cliffs of Norway. The landscapes are amazing in Norway, but what is more important for thrill seekers, there are absolutely crazy cliffs at this place. Fans of base jumping can enjoy magnificent views of nature. Insanely dangerous routes lead to those places. If you need adrenaline rush, there is no place better than this.

Mountain climbing has special aesthetics in Norway because the tourists climb the mountains surrounded with fjords, glaciers, and breathtaking beauty. The capital of mountaineering is the northern part of the country with its glorified fjords. There are routes for beginners and for professional climbers as well. Molde and Åndalsnes are two fjord towns that can become an ideal starting point for your trips to the most prominent picture postcard attractions. If you want to try something really mind-blowing, then cliff base jumping in Norway can be a great choice! This is a flight without a plane – it provides incredible experience!

  1. Fishing in the Amazon region

amazon jungleThe Amazon region in Brazil is one of the best fishing areas in the world. The anglers can experience real trophy fishing here. Many kinds of fish in the Amazon have gained worldwide fame. The popular species include Tambaqui and the Amazon catfish. In addition to a great fishing trip, you can discover the Amazon rainforest, covering an area of 5.5 ml. sq. km. with lots of dangers on your way!

  1. Incredible experience as you explore Iguazu Falls

Vodopady Iguasu, Brazilija Iguazu Falls, Brazil krasivye vodopady, skazochnye mesta  best hd wallpapers07Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina (it lies on the border) is one of the most spectacular attractions. It is wider than Niagara Falls. Breathtaking panoramic views of Devil’s Throat that has U shape attract the visitors from all over the world. The most powerful stream of water is in the Devil’s Throat. The water is roaring and the sound of the falls is deafening. Multiple islands divide the Iguazu Falls thus creating many cataracts and separate waterfalls. There are up to 300 small waterfalls at the place. Can you imagine the scale? 80% of waterfalls are located on the territory of Argentina and only 20% are in Brazil. Large boat with inflatable sides takes the fans of extreme sports to the island of San Martin, covered with thick vegetation, which is wet from the spray of raging elements. The lovers of extreme are subjected to the pounding water on the way to the island. Those who experienced it, say that it really hurts. Exorbitant amount of water slaps you down. There are a lot of whirlpools and rocks. It is not so simple to climb to the top, but it offers a magnificent view of the main waterfall cascades.

  1. Volcano Bungee jumping near Pucón, Chile

Villarrica-Volcano-BungeeSpine-tingling experience can be obtained if you choose the craziest bungee jump you can imagine! What about the bungee jump off the helicopter over the volcano near Pucón, Chile? There is a burning volcano with bubbling and smoking so you can jump right into its caldera over the molten lava.

The helicopter hangs 200 meters above the crater. The lowest point of the jump is a few tens of meters above the boiling lava, so that’s a new haircut included. After you look into the eyes of a fire-breathing serpent, the helicopter will carry you up to take-off area. The volcano leap was volcano invented specifically for the reality show “Fear Factor” on MTV, but later it entered the tourist program accessible for everyone.

Extreme tornado chasing tours

Storm-Chasing-0Extreme tornado tours can also enter this list of top 5 adrenaline rush tours. The team of tornado chasers invite you to pursue the hurricane with them. Professional meteorologists pursue tornadoes across the US – from Texas to Dakota. They discover about 30 hurricanes during one season – from early spring to early autumn. The vans are equipped with the latest satellite equipment. If you are lucky, you can drive up to the funnel cloud at minimum distance – to explore a tornado and make the most hardcore Instagram-shot in life. This is the adventure of a lifetime and it is not surprising that the seats are filling fast.