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Cruise across Maldivian Atolls with Four Seasons Explorer


Luxury cruise ship is the best solution to relax and unwind when you would like to combine sightseeing with relaxation. But what is true luxury? This word is so often used nowadays that it becomes somewhat common. As experience shows, different things are taken for luxury. Some people look for the opportunity to spend vacation on a huge ocean cruise liner, while others consider that luxury is something exceptional and exclusive such as a private yacht. For this reason, places with crowds of travelers do not count. In this respect, Four Seasons Explorer is a great alternative if you plan to explore the Maldives. You can find a secluded retreat on it or indulge into sociable activities. No matter what you choose, you are going to have an exciting vacation.

The vessel is just 39 metres long. The vacationers are provided with more space and privacy than somewhere else. You will not have to look for the available deck chair and stand in line in the buffet here. It is hard to find better conditions on other boats.

The list of luxury options is quite good for this cruise ship. Over-the-top cruise experience is guaranteed on Four Seasons Explorer thanks to exceptional shore excursions, fine cuisine and signs of luxury you expect to get from any luxe hotel. On Four Seasons Explorer you can make the most of your stay.

The cruise ship is not big but this does not affect the abundance of choice. The selection of delicious dishes is huge. This enhances the vacation considerably. All five star resorts offer the most exquisite dining options characterized as eclectic experience. Travelers can taste finest dishes of international and local cuisine. There are a lot of seafood delicacies on the menu.

Four Seasons cares about the clients who find it hard to choose healthy options being on the go. Natural cold-pressed juices rich in powerful antioxidants and nutrients are offered to give great energy boost, the travelers need so much for quality pastime. Feel fit and revitalized as you sip on healthy drinks. A couple of excellent wines chosen from the extensive wine list will raise the mood and enhance any dinner.

The guests with individual requirements are well-catered too. The arrangements on special requests can be introduced. When requests go beyond the standard bookings they are provided at an extra charge.

There are nine spacious rooms on the vessel. If luxury is your style, you can order Explorer Suite that features panoramic windows and maximum facilities. The suite is airy, stylish and bright. Even the most demanding guests will be amazing by this suite with pleasant contemporary design in light colors. It is great to wake up in the bedroom with ocean view, enjoy the view of the Azure Ocean and clear sky. There are 2 sundecks, a lounge, an outdoor bar, a whirlpool, CD and DVD library at your disposal. Stay connected all the time being provided with wireless Internet access and conference technical equipment.

Much attention is paid to wide range of sea sports and sightseeing. You will start in North Male and then go to the breaks in the Outer Atolls to explore them one after another. This magnificent ocean liner offers an array of activities such as fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing and etc. You will also like whale watching and dolphin watching.

There are many reasons to choose Four Seasons Explorer and most sophisticated travelers prefer this cruise rather than staying in one hotel.