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Top 5 romantic things to do in Venice

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Elite Club Ltd. looked for best romantic destinations and it was not difficult to choose what place is most suitable for a special weekend. Venice is one of the most unique places for romantic getaways. And there are many reasons to call this town the capital of lovers. You can follow the steps of Casanova and enjoy wine at Do Spade Bar where he used to meet his lovely ladies or simply explore the city by foot and enjoy many historical sights.

Venice is the ‘City of Water’, the birth place of Renaissance movement, and the significant contributor in the symphonic and operatic music. The New York Times called Venice “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man”. The Republic of Venice was a major business center for commerce and maritime power duirng Middle Ages. Throughout history, this city played a significant role in politics, economy and artistic movements.
Today, there are so many ways to enjoy this fabulous historical city. Elite Club Ltd. is bringing you the best suggestions:

Top 5 romantic things to do in Venice:

  1. Blend with locals. Put on the comfortable shoes and explore Venice by foot or by gondola ride. Venice is famous for charming alleys, maze of narrow streets and quite neighborhoods. Check out Dorsoduro and wonder around Santa Margherita.
  2. Enjoy breathtaking views. The best place to take a picture is from St Mark’s Campanile bell tower. You can enjoy the view of the mountains, lagoon and ancient Venice. The other great experiencing is to watch Grand Canal and Accademia Bridge light up at sunset.
  3. Visit Venice’s famous opera houses such as La Fenice or Musica a Palazzo. At some smaller operatic equivalent places you can also enjoy a nice meal, candlelight and wine.
  4. Get a history lesson at world class sights such as Doge’s Palace, Church of the Frari, and Jewish Ghetto.
  5. Participate in famous Carnival of Venice. This annual festival starts on February 15th and you can enjoy entertainments and interesting performances on the streets of Venice. Make sure you get your consume and a mask.
  6. There is no doubt that Venice is beautiful and romantic city and its always associated with love and passion since ancient times. Enjoy your weekend in Venice by staying at the most luxurious hotels such as Luna Hotel Baglioni, Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin or The Gritti Palace. And enjoy your romantic fine dining at Locanda Cipriani or Osteria Boccadoro.

Happy Valentine’s Day!