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Top 10 Most Desired Luxury Destinations

Elite Club Ltd. prepared a few ratings in Travel category to show our audience what are the most expansive cities in the world, where you can find the most expansive luxury resorts and hotels and what most extravagant travel ideas are trending among international travellers. Exclusive tourism and luxury travel experience a growing demand, so we would like to feature best of the best in the following categories Resorts and Business Travel. Bon voyage!

Elite Club’s Top 10 Most Desired Luxury Travel Destinations was based on a survey among Elite Club audience.

  1. French Rivera
  2. Maldives
  3. Lake Como
  4. Seychelles
  5. Tuscany
  6. Great Barrier Rif
  7. Hamptons
  8. Amalfi Coast
  9. Canary Islands
  10. Malibu

Elite Club’s presents its own Rating of Top 10 Most Luxury Resorts

  1. Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, South of France
  2. One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives
  3. Villa D’Este, Lake Como
  4. Amanyara, Turk & Caicos, Caribbean
  5. Four Seasons, Maui, Hawaii
  6. Il Pelicano, Tuscany
  7. Maia Resort & SPA, Seychelles
  8. St Regis, Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  9. Montage Laguna Beach, US Pacific Coast
  10. The Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji, Australia

Elite Club’s Top 10 Luxury Business Hotels

  1. Peninsula, Hong Kong
  2. Burj Al Arab, UAE
  3. Ritz Carlton, Moscow
  4. Four Seasons, George V, Paris
  5. Cirigan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul
  6. The Raj Palace, India
  7. Mandarin Oriental, New York
  8. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva
  9. The Westin Excelsior, Rome
  10. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

According to World Luxury Association the most desired luxury hotel brands are:

  1. Wakaya Club
  2. North
  3. Hotel Turtle Island
  4. Fregate Island Private
  5. Hotel Le Toiny
  6. Burj Al-Arab
  7. Le Sirenuse
  8. Armani Hotel Dubai
  9. W-Hotel-Puerto Rico
  10. Amanraya

If you are planning something special or would like to surprise your other half with unusual travel destination, Elite Club’s Top 10 Most Extravagant Travel Ideas are for you!

  1. Cruise to Antarctic to watch polar bears
  2. Climb a volcano in Guatemala
  3. Enjoy the views of Norwegian fjords
  4. Try adrenalin fishing in Amazon River
  5. Choose Gastronomic & Wine Tour in Burgundy
  6. Try dog sled ride in Iceland
  7. Jumping with parachute over Grand Barrier Rif is fun
  8. Visit old whisky distilleries in Scotland
  9. Explore the glaciers of Alaska
  10. Get inspired in ancient city of Marrakesh

Elite Club’s reviewed Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the world.
We took into consideration the luxury lifestyle approach, we’ve included into the daily budget luxury hotel stay, limousine services, best restaurants and other activities such as nightlife entertainment.

  1. London
  2. Tokyo
  3. New York
  4. Moscow
  5. Paris
  6. San Paolo
  7. Rome
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Stockholm
  10. Zurich