Elite Club, Ltd.

Best of the Best of London

It’s easy to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle in London. This island’s capital has it all. Fancy restaurants, private clubs, member’s only casinos, and exclusive events. London has a busy social calendar, make sure you book a ticket next to a royal box at Ascot’s or Wimbledon and visit Henley regatta, Chelsea flower show, rock concerts at O2 Arena, and charity dinner organized by Elton John.


Some of Elite Club’s favorite spots in the West End are Arts Club, Coya, Zuma and C London. Zuma is simply the best fusion Japanese restaurant in the world. You have to be a member to get a reservation at Arts Club or Coya, so it’s best to find connections or the right concierge to book it for you. Russian mogul Arcady Novikov has an impressive restaurant/lounge in the heart of Mayfair that he named after himself. It’s a great place to experience Pan Asian cuisine or enjoy drinks with friends. Today, this is the only lounge in the heart of London that offers late night drinks, music and beaming crowd in the basement area of the restaurant. C London is the best place for people watching, friendly staff will feel you welcome and special on every occasion.

Inneplace suggest a special club Mortons. Mortons is ineffably cool, sexy and old-world classy. Originally built for the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1823 and famously one of the automobile record-setting Bentley brothers’ favourite haunts in the Roaring Twenties. Mortons has held sway over London’s luminous social scene for the past thirty years. Now helmed by restaurateur extraordinaire Marlon Abela, Mortons staunchly maintains its elite personality while remaining a hip and desirable option for the bold and beautiful. Set over four floors, Mortons encompasses a night lounge, bar, restaurant and club room. It also houses one of the most enviable collections of modern and contemporary artwork in the capital with Frank Auerbach, Joan Miro and Henri Matisse represented amongst many other noteworthy artists. Each floor entails a different ethos – the night lounge is all high-spec industrial chic glamour. With a menu of events spanning all areas of entertainment, a varied and select clientele drawn from all walks of life, and a rich tradition of character and charisma, Morton’s is intractably one of the capital’s superlative clubs.

Are you in a mood to go dancing next to bold and beautiful? London has a lot to offer when it comes down to party in an upmarket setting. Innerplace recommends two clubs that could meet the expectations even of a seasoned jetsetter.

Cirque le Soir’s is a burlesque club that has taken up residence in the building on Ganton Street that used to house 500-capacity Alto. This is a bona fide nightclub and contends with some of London’s best. Their new digs will be kitted out with a video game motif as well as glass houses in which performers will throw fire instead of stones, as well as charming snakes and performing acts of sleight-of-hand, contortion and generally louche behaviour.

Maddox touched down on the London social scene in 2007 and has been infusing the capital with jet-set jubilance ever since. It’s not very often that Maddox goes a month without the paparazzi snapping pictures of a celebrity leaving the venue’s storied doors, and it stands out as attracting an exceptionally sophisticated set even in the ultra-competitive field of London clubland. Maddox was designed by interior mastermind Sammy Chams and features a seductive cocktail bar, club and restaurant. In the nightclub, lush leather banquettes line the periphery of the dancefloor, the lightwork is electric, and Maddox even boasts tables that change colour to the beat of the music. Additionally there’s a soundsystem that can deliver an incredible audio assault; but if it gets too heavy or you need a nicotine fix, escape to the foliage-swathed courtyard for a reprieve. At the mezzanine level of Maddox you’ll find the restaurant serving succulent Mediterranean dishes like lightly sautéed monkfish or classic veal Milanese complemented prettily by their extensive wine menu. As a contender for London’s most fabulous private members’ club, Maddox has posed a serious threat since its doors opened.