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8 exciting things to do in Sri Lanka


Marco Polo called Sri Lanka the most beautiful in the world, but it is not only about a spectacular scenery. There are many things that make the island charming. You can start with jungle safari to make sure that it is so and then explore its spiritual temples, rest on golden beach and try mouthwatering dishes in the best restaurants of Sri Lanka. Thrill seekers call it one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Feel the spirit of colonial era on tea plantations

ex_Sh_Lanka_3The culture on Sri Lanka is a blend of tea and its main business – tea cultivation. Tea making industry plays a big role in the history of the country. You should not skip the chance to visit Little England with tea plantations. The tea tour resembles the wine tour but there is no need to worry over getting drunk. Enjoy the taste of tea, riding by bicycle from one plantation to another. The history of Ceylon tea is very captivating.

Ella and Nuwara Eliya are the places worth visiting.  You will learn about the tea making process, inhale fragrant aromas of the tea factories, built in Victorian times. The lush plantations of colonial village Ella extend for miles and it is great just to roam there.

Improve your karma

1608483884Get ready for much fun as many interesting things are gathered on one island. Kandy is a UNESCO World Heritage Sacred City that is located in the central highlands. The city dates back to the 14th century and was the capital of Sri Lanka in the 16th century.

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a famous pilgrimage site in Kandy and many tourists come there to enhance karma. This place thrived for 2500 years until it was occupied by the British in the beginning of the 19th century.

More sacred pilgrimage

Adam’s Peak is a sacred place for three religions: Buddhists, Moslems and Hindus. The trip to Adam’s Peak will take one day. You will see a great view after you climb on top. Do not skip the Shadow of the Peak, one of the most famous spectacles in Sri Lanka, produced by sunrise.

Sri Lanka is mecca for nature lovers

horton-plain-national-park-sri-lanka-4Lovers of nature can visit Horton Plains National Park, which is a national wildlife sanctuary since 1969. It is better to visit the cloud forest on the dawn before the mist descends. Horton Plains National Park can boast of rich flora and fauna. Birds’ enthusiasts can find 87 species of birds in it (with 14 endemic kinds among them). You can also go to the Yala National Park to look at the leopards.

Visit Udawalawe National Park with a herd of 250 elephants. Many of them are attracted to the Udawalawe reservoir located in it.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage takes care about 80 elephants. The tourists can feed the elephant babies from the bottle there.

Learn to surf in Sri Lanka

If you love surfing or just want to start, crystal clear Indian ocean is waiting for you in Sri Lanka. The most surfable beaches are found on the island. It is also packed with schools and experienced instructors who will help you master this activity.

Enjoy culinary delights

culinary-journeysTry culinary delights of Sri Lanka. But do it with caution. It is better not to try unknown dishes without guide’s consultation. Many dishes are very spicy and unusual for European travelers.

The best place to enjoy the unique local cuisine is to spend good time at the Yaal restaurant, Colombo.

The Ivy is a luxury restaurant to spend the evening with style. There you can order a private room. It offers seasonal menu that incorporates Asian dishes.

The Mango tree is a classy Indian restaurant in Colombo.

Nihonbashi offers the Japanese cuisine, where you can always find fresh fish and seafood.

The Ministry of Crab is a high profile restaurant with superb meals. You can order a candle lit table in the grove of the palm trees in Bu Ba, which is located on a beach.

You can also relax in the Barefoot café with live jazz on Sundays.

Biking, hiking and white water rafting for lovers of active rest

Summerville_garden_3Other activities you can try in Sri Lanka include mountain biking in the Bogawantalawa Valley. The Kelani River that runs off the slope of Adam’s peak is a great place for white water rafting. You can also enjoy croquet, aromatic baths with massage, golf and tennis.


Explore Sri Lanka by rail

There is some charm in this way of travelling – it reminds of colonial times, when the railway line was made. You can also learn more of the country as the train goes through the hills, jungle, and ountainsides. You can see waterfalls, peaks, valleys, tea plantations on the way. The local people are fantastic! They are very friendly and kind to the visitors of the country.