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This article was written on 16 Jul 2015.

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San Sebastian for excellent beach vacation


If you visit San Sebastian, you’ll be enchanted with this place. There you can find mouth-watering food, scenic landscapes and best European white sandy beaches that are located right in the city. Tourists can have good time at the beach and bathe close to the historical buildings. The circular bay with clean sand attracts wealthy vacationers who look for relaxed rest in the sun with touch of sophistication. The city became popular in Belle Époque era, so there is nothing surprising that Queen of Spain Maria Christina arranged the royal summerhouse in San Sebastian. The glamorous past of the place is still noticed everywhere. La Concha, which is also a Royal Beach, is one of the most famous beaches of Europe. It is surrounded with luxury mansions. La Perla is a famous spa in San Sebastian. Rebuilt in 1912 it became popular soon. The newspapers at that time described it as one of the most beautiful resorts of the world. The boardwalk of La Perla with white ornate railing became a landmark of San Sebastian. Other great beaches are Ondarreta and Zurriola that is loved by surfers.

San Sebastian is a cozy city in the Basque Country with many fish restaurants, bars and designers shops. The streets of the old town welcome its visitors. Everywhere at bars and taverns, the pinxtors are served – the finger sized foods with toothpick piercing them. It is hard to resist these snacks. You should just remember that there are even more amazing pinxtors in the next venue. Pinxtons are eaten with wine, beer and a glass of txacoli, which is the white Basque wine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou should try pinxtos at Parte Vieja (old town). The center of the city is absolutely charming and the concentration of bars is incredibly high there. The restaurants are also superb. The number of Michelin stars at this place is unprecedented – 15 Michelin starts for one little city. They belong to 7 restaurants of San Sebastian. Some of the restaurants located there entered top 50 best restaurants of the world in 2014. Mugaritz have been ranked the 6th and Arzak – the 8th in the world. Other restaurants advised to the tourists are the restaurant Kokotxa, light and airy Akelare, Narru with Scandinavian feel, Saltxipi known for its spider crabs, stylish Ni Neu, Xarma with excellent food.

The city is not big. The population is only 186 thousand people. In spite of it, San Sebastian holds the events of international scale, for instance, San Sebastián International Film Festival. Andra Mari is the best place to try the Basque snacks.

The San Telmo Museum is worth visiting. There you will learn more about the Basque culture and history.  There is an excellent aquarium in the city with maritime museum section. You will be able to see different fantastic creatures, which live in the depth of the ocean. They swim around the coral-reef exhibits.

69703368_2San Sebastian is also good for shopping. The city swells with population during the season of vacation so the shopping centers take advantage of this fact. There are modern shopping options on San Sebastian as well as small shops in the center that are liked for their authentic atmosphere. Brexta is a central shopping center that is visited by 7 million visitors a year. San Martin is a five floor shopping center, where over 50 shops, businesses and a market with a local produce are located. If you want to buy something special, for instance, an artwork, some exquisite carpet, a bag and etc. come to Nomada.

The city is packed with high-end stores so leave more time to explore the place – it will be fun!