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7 popular travel destinations in India


Popular cities in India include New Delhi, where travelers can see astonishing Ganesh Temple with a high pink monkey God outside the temple. It is several stores high. The Lotus Temple attracts 4 million tourists a year. You can also like scenic deities of the Birla Mandir and fantastic Qutab Minar of incredible beauty.

Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city, the hub if the Indian IT industry. Some people call it the Silicon Valley of India. The main city is Karnataka in this area. There are so many parks and greenery in it therefore this is often referred to as a Garden City of India. It is pleasant to visit. The parks become its main sites worth visiting. For instance, Lal Bagh, the park with beautiful scenery, is a popular place. There the flower exhibitions and shows in spring are arranged as well.

The climate is not so hot in Bengaluru as in other cities of India. The place is interesting to explore because the cuisine, culture and art is presented in all its diversity in the city. The population speaks English and this makes the trip easier for travelers. For best restaurants and pubs you should go to MG Road and Brigade Road.

0_89c17_a8711d8d_origMumbai is the heart of contemporary India. It is one of the major cities of the country and belongs to the most forward-thinking areas. However, the shock can be strong when the first time visitor sees the contrasts of the city: posh world class hotels against the slums that are located not far from them. Traditional Ganesh Festival is organized in Mumbai. All people worship the statue of the elephant God. But the place is interesting to visit even on its usual day when the streets are buzzing with routine activities. Mumbai is quintessentially Indian. If you want to explore the place and have adventurous spirit, the local train network can take you through the city. There is great colonial architecture in the city.

Mumbai is the most expensive Indian city. The accommodation and prices are higher there than in other travel destinations of the country. You can head off from there to the party capital Goa.

Kolkata is not as significant as it previously was. It thrived during the British Raj era when it was political, economic and educational center. It continued until the fifties of the last century and then decline followed. However, the city still preserves many great places of interest that can provide a close look at the history of the country. You can visit the Eden gardens, the parkland Maidan, Fort William, the Parashnath Jain Temple, the Nakhoda Mosque and many other famous sites such as popular Chowringhee market. There are many opulent settings in Kolkata so you can be taken aback as you discover them.

AgraMany tourists flock to India to see Taj Mahal that was built in the 17th century in Agra city. This monument of love, built of white marble, is the grave of Queen. This is one of the seventh wonders of the world so it is definitely worth visiting. Taj Mahal was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 3 million tourists a year come to visit it annually. Many myths were created around this mausoleum of incredible beauty so you will like to study its history.

Regard also such destination point as Chennai, which is the 4th biggest Indian city, to see how westernized India is combined with conservative and traditional India. Chennai is known for its architecture and culture. Visit Marina beach in Chennai.

For glamorous shopping malls and restaurants you should go to Gurgaon.