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Elegance and beauty in works of Russian painter Anna Rasumovskaya


Elegant and almost airy female figures, created by Anna Rasumovskaya, capture the attention of art lovers at once. Her canvases demonstrate beauty and elegance of her characters. The author says that the process of creation is like a miracle and this is noticed on the paintings, but miracle in this case is a soul of the painter – Anna gives a part of her soul to her works. A miracle of creation would not be possible without it. All girls dressed in puffy fashion skirts look fairylike but they evoke real emotions. Being a source of aesthetic experience, her art presents femininity in its utmost revelation. The girls are tender and graceful. It pleases the eye to watch them.

0Her art is high class and noble. It is full of light and inspiration.  The characters are ideal and look like angels. It is hard to imagine somebody more perfect. Using sensitive painting style, she shows ordinary scenes that looks fantastic in her representation. However, not only appearance makes them lovely. Their souls are beautiful. They are intellectual and smart, they love arts and feature traits that lack in the present world. The painter portrays different feelings, and we can observe the tension on the canvas, trying to guess the underlying story behind the plot that always remains hidden from the viewers. The plot behind the scenes makes our mind work to finish the story. This interactive process is a part of perception and it becomes easy to complete the whole picture when the characters are live, not static. They are shown in action: playing the musical instruments, embracing, looking in the mirror and so on.

A beautiful and charming woman seems to be captured accidentally be the artist. It creates a kind of sensitive dynamism you will see in her works. Casual strokes in impressionist style on the background strengthen the dynamic effect.

Undoubtedly, every character is a bright personality. Usually we see a girl full of dignity who is confident in her beauty. Her appearance is impressive. She features a proud posture, naturalness and liveliness. The way she turns her head gives her some special charm. We see purely romantic embodiment of femininity.

Anna loves the art of the 19th century, and this explains all: it is clearly reflected in her works. Born in the USSR she was under the influence of different worlds but the influence of her mother was stronger than anything else. Her mother was passionate about fashion and everything beautiful. She inculcated in Anna a taste for beauty. Anna Rasumovskaya travelled much and, finally, settled in Canada.

Her style is easily recognized – it is unique. Quiet colors contrast the bright color that comes out suddenly. This is a kind of a trademark that makes her art recognizable. Anna Rasumovskaya paints the way she lives: brightly! She shares a part of that excellent spirit with her viewers – she transfers her lightness, inspiring the lovers of her artworks. She brings shine to the lives of other and that makes her happy. Fortunately, Anna succeeded commercially – she was internationally recognized. Her exhibitions are held annually in different cities of USA: New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas. Additionally, the galleries of Canada, Germany and UK present Anna’s works eagerly. Let feast of colors we see in her works remain in her life and career to help her develop and reach new heights. This is the treasure she does not keep to herself. She gives joy to her viewers.