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Top 7 exotic islands in the Indian Ocean



Exotic islands in the Indian Ocean provide great options for vacation, which can seem a bit pricey for you. But I can assure you, this is worth it. You should select the most interesting travelling routes and this can be challenging as there are so many wonderful islands in the Indian Ocean with lovely resorts and unforgettable atmosphere of paradise.

sey1Granite boulders on the beaches add some touches to the mystical Seychelles with stunning coral atolls, exotic landscape, and luxury over-water bungalows. Black parrots, coconut crabs and giant tortoises living in Seychelles turn the place into unique ecosystem that is carefully protected by environmentalists. The place stands out due to its dramatic rock formations. The hot list of travelers includes the Four Seasons Resort and Raffles. Any person can rent a villa with a butler and private pool there.

maurYou can experience your own paradise in Mauritius, an oasis of tranquility located 3000 kilometers away from the coast of Africa. Its unique geographic location turned the place into the melting pot of cultures. It is reflected in the local cuisine that blends Indian, British, Chinese, French and Creole dishes. Make an exciting journey to L’Etoile Nature Reserve or look at the lions of Casela Nature Park. You can spend your vacation swimming and snorkeling in pristine waters. There is everything here to make the vacation unforgettable. The hotels are amazing at Mauritius and people are every friendly. The stuff of hotels is dedicated to making your time memorable there.

25-zanzibarjpg13If you are looking for a dream destination in the Indian Ocean, this is, certainly, Zanzibar. The beaches are incredible in Zanzibar and even considered the best in the world. Zanzibar islands are liked for colorful coral reefs and a wide array of attractions from the Stone Town, Spice Market and untouched nature of some islands. You’ll be mesmerized with it.

Madagascar_Baobab_Alley_2Madagascar is a very beautiful island in the Indian Ocean that can enter the top of the most spectacular places of the planet. It can’t avoid this list either. The island is circled by fantastic beaches you’ll love. The place is recognizable thanks to lemurs, elephant birds and chameleons inhabiting the island. Afro-Polynesian culture adds a touch of exotic authenticity adored by the tourists.

malThe Maldives are located in the western part of the Indian Ocean and include 26 atolls and over a thousand coral reefs. You can look at fantastic sea creatures if you take advantage of scuba diving opportunities. The Maldive Islands belong to the list of the best honeymoon places. People from all over the world flock to this spot to unwind and enjoy spa treatments.

renHave you ever heard about Reunion? I consider that this island is undeservingly skipped by the travelers. The island is actually not known to many. Meanwhile, this is one of the regions of France and a part of Eurozone in the Indian Ocean. Landscapes are astonishing there. You will see fantastic waterfalls, emerald forests, white and black sand beaches, coastal cities, soul-stirring panoramas and beautiful mountain scape. There is an active volcano Piton de la Fournase on Reunion. Eruptions of volcano occur from time to time and can even pose threat to the population of Reunion. For instance, in 1977 it destroyed a number of buildings. The lava circled the church and entered the door. All these facts add thrill to the adventure if you decide to visit Reunion.

bazLovers of exotic vacations should also pay attention to Bazaruto – one of the most stunning destinations on earth. The island is located 10 kilometers from Mozambique and is actually a part of the Bazaruto archipelago. In 1971 the archipelago became a national park.

You can stay in shaped thatched roof bungalows among the lush gardens or with superb views out to sea. Enjoy local cuisine in a restaurant where dinner is announced by the sound of African drums.

People come to relax on pristine beaches but if this is not your thing you can choose such activities as snorkeling, diving, bird watching, surfing and fishing.