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Top 5 best parks of northern California

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National parks in northern California demonstrate the most spectacular landscapes and iconic views that become landmarks of the country, so you should not skip the chance to visit these places. Here is a review of the best national parks in northern California.

20061027193236Redwood National park is situated on the North Coast of the state of California. The park is known for massive redwood trees that live for 2000 years. Being 22 feet at the base they can reach the height of 367 feet. About 2,000,000 acres are covered with huge redwood trees on the California coast. Over 200 threatened animal species live in Redwood National park, for instance, Northern Spotted Owl, Brown Pelican and others so the place was recognized a World Heritage Site. The park is an extraordinary place: it was used as a filming location for such movies as Outbreak (1995), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and etc. The place is especially beautiful early in the morning and when there is light fog.

2898_s95073999_1Lassen Volcanic National Park that is located in northeastern California is a great destination if you want to have a look at volcano. Theodore Roosevelt declared the place the US national monument in 1907. Lassen Peak is the main site there – it is a biggest plug dome volcano in the world. This volcano erupted in 1914, after which a series of eruptions followed. The last eruption of Lessen Peak was registered in 1921. As a result of eruptions, a new crater was formed that released lava and ash. The area around Lassen Peak remains volcanically active. Now there are many hot springs in the area.

california-sequoia-national-parkSequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are located in the Sierra Nevada region. They are known for spectacular forest scenery and lots of mountains. Though Sequoia park and Kings Canyon National Park are separate locations, they are administered jointly. It is necessary to buy one ticket to get to them. The parks cover the area of 3,500 km. and are very popular with visitors who spend millions of dollars when they come to the site. The parks support more than 1600 jobs in the region. Sequoia trees from the local groves are the biggest trees known. Kings Canyon is called so because the Kings River flows in the valley. The place is unique with its topographic diversity, which explains the richness of flora and fauna in the region. 95% of the park is a wilderness area. Different trails are offered to the tourists for day trips. The place is so popular that reservations are required at peak times. Tourists usually come for camping there.

13112491681734738Death Valley National Park is one of the largest national parks in the USA. It is situated in the Sierra Nevada and sounds like a terrible place, but it is not. It acquired this name long ago when the gold-diggers crossed the valley during the California Gold Rush period. Californian desert can be rather hot but it can be a vibrant place. You will like multicolored Zabriskie Point there. Sightseeing is available for people with personal transport. There are a lot of campsites there. The place is also highly appreciated by people who love stargazing.