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PinkTrotters is a new travel internet service for cosmopolitan ladies who like travelling, adore fashion and everything glamorous. PinkTrotters was founded by Eliana from Italy and Yara from Angola and launched in Copenhagen in June 2013. This new and vibrant community was designed for likeminded women who want to escape to glam resorts, experience VIP treatment, and learn more about chic destination and share exciting travel experiences. I had a pleasure to speak with one of the founders of the PinkTrotters network Eliana.

1. Please tell me more about your community?

Pinktrotters is an international community of women travelling together in glamorous destinations. Our chic travellers travel together in glamorous destinations, combining unique activities and networking and attending events in fashion, art and culture. In only 6 months we reached promising numbers of followers (more than 35 k on all social media) and user subscribers (1.500) – the subscription is free.

2. Please tell me more about the founders and how the idea for the project was born?

The idea was born in Copenhagen, from Eliana & Yara who were living and working in the city at that time. Eliana is Italian; she studied and lived in 7 different countries including Italy, UK, Argentina, India, The Netherlands, Greece, Denmark. For 6 years Eliana worked as Finance Manager in big multinational companies but she decided to leave her job last year to fully concentrate on her dream: make of Pinktrotters a worldwide reference for international glamorous women who want to find other women of similar taste and mindset and travel together.

3. What is your mission and inspirations?

Our mission is to become the worldwide point of reference of glam travelling and to make of Pinktrotters a recognizable brand and identification for all open minded women.

4. How you would describe your audience and lady-members?

Our Pinktrotters core age range goes from 30 to 40. They are independent women who have taste for good things in life and spend for quality. They like to live unique and selected experiences that can include also boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants, but most of all they are women who are able to have fun with other women!

5. What are the most desired destinations for Pinktrotters?

The most desired destinations are usually the ones where it’s possible to combine the trip with a special event. For example, Venice Carnival Costume Balls was our latest super successful escape, of which you can read all the details and dream about joining in 2015.

6. How do you see your project developing in the next few years?

We see the project developing further in terms of subscribed users that will be able to connect via our website and mobile application that we are going to develop in the upcoming months. Moreover, our e-commerce will become more and more strategic, combining fashion and travel and expanding worldwide. Our Ambassadors will be carefully selected and become a strategic asset of the whole project. Stay tuned, stay glam to know more!

7. Where do you see most popular Glam Escapes in the next year or so?

We will point our attention on the Pinktrotters Villas project, starting next summer 2014. Mykonos, Ostuni and Ibiza will be our focus in the Mediterranean area. Luxurious villas will be the place to be where the Pinktrotters will stay and will enjoy weekly events organized for them and for selected external guests.
If the project goes well as expected, we plan to expand it in other locations, also during European winter, in glam spots like Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore etc…
Join us this summer in our Pinktrotters Villas, here more details.