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Lake Como Issue
LUXURY VILLA FOR RENT: Villa Passalacqua

In the early 1800s, the Villa Passalacqua was one of the swankiest villas on Lake Como. Famous musicians, writers, poets, singers, artists and revolutionaries gathered here for festas with the Passalacqua family. The most prominent of these was Vincenzo Bellini who resided in the Villa Passalacqua from 1829-1833 and wrote Norma and Sonnambula while living in the villa. By 1831 Bellini had become one of the most sought-after personalities in Italy, dividing his time among high-society receptions, his countless mistresses and his work, to which he continued to devote great care and attention.
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Holiday Issue

Elite Club Ltd. believes that the luxury market is well positioned this holiday season. Departures magazine and Ledbury Research recently conducted a study that shows that the luxury’s hottest growth market is North America. According to CNBC ‘American wealthy are likely to be the biggest driver of the $260 billion luxury goods industry in the coming years’. Economy is recovering in the US and Europe has always attracted a lot of international travellers for shopping spree around holiday’s season. According to the British Media Chinese tourists along spend over £35 billion ($56 billion) on overseas shopping in 2012, mainly in Paris and London.
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