Elite Club, Ltd.

Luxury Spending Trends on Holiday Gifts


Elite Club Ltd. believes that the luxury market is well positioned this holiday season. Departures magazine and Ledbury Research recently conducted a study that shows that the luxury’s hottest growth market is North America. According to CNBC ‘American wealthy are likely to be the biggest driver of the $260 billion luxury goods industry in the coming years’. Economy is recovering in the US and Europe has always attracted a lot of international travellers for shopping spree around holiday’s season. According to the British Media Chinese tourists along spend over £35 billion ($56 billion) on overseas shopping in 2012, mainly in Paris and London.

In Elite Club Ltd. we think that luxury accessories are still top choices for gifts for people with income over $200 000 a year. Every luxury brand tries to come with new and unique items for the season as accessories is a lion’s share of the profit for high end fashion and luxury designers. I also think that accessories are in a way affordable luxury. You can spend $100 on Tiffany & Co business card holder, or $300 on Gucci sunglasses and $700 on Hermes leather bracelet while on a Chanel bag you have to spend a minimum of $3500.

We tend to see clients to buy expansive designer and diamond jewellery for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. For the holiday season people would usually buy less expansive jewels, such as silver pendants, fine crystal earrings or leather bracelets. We made the list of top 10 luxury gift ideas for $500-1500 budget.

  1. Cartier Fine Office clock Ballon Bleu with palladium finish
  2. Baccarat Médicis wire earrings mirror mist
  3. Montblanc Starwalker Rose Gold-Plated Fineliner Pen
  4. Louis Vuitton Taiga Vladimir Portfolio Briefcase
  5. Ash Intrecciato Napa Bottega Venetta Picture Frame
  6. Chanel Costume Jewellery Long necklace with metal & glass pearls
  7. Berlutti Imbuia Business Card Holder
  8. Hermes Rivali Double Tour Bracelet
  9. Louis Vuitton Monogram Style Shawl
  10. Lalique Lion’s Head Pintray

For ultra-rich, when the budget starts with a few hundred thousand dollars I would suggest unique and one of the kind pieces such as Hermès Birkin Bag from Exceptional Collection Shiny Rouge H Porosus Crocodile that comes with 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware and it would cost slightly over $200 000. The other great ideas for presents is limited edition watches, bespoke clothing, custom made jewels, or diamond and gold encrusted iPhone, that is worth over $ 40 000, diamond and precious stones glittering lingerie by Victoria Secret, or simply a beautiful piece from the new Bulgari collection called Diva.