Elite Club, Ltd.

Luxury Kitchen Gadgets

Elite Club Ltd. went on a journey throughout the world to find the best kitchen gadgets. Would you like to buy a piece of equipment that will chop, steam, boil and make you a three course gourmet meal in just one hour? This is our Top 5 Pick for best innovative kitchen gadgets.

  1. Jura Giga 5 coffee machine
  2. Termomix multi chef
  3. Bork X800 bread maker
  4. Morphy Richards multi chef
  5. Kitchen Aid mixer

If you are not impressed with the above luxury gadgets, you may want to consider buying a robot that could do just about anything in the kitchen, cook, clean and serve. Design Director at Electrolux Thomas Johansson thinks there is a place for robots in the kitchen: “I think kitchen robots could potentially take over some of the common jobs that are repetitive or difficult to do … I think you could take away some of the boring chores and spend your time doing something more interesting.” The best robots and super innovative gadgets on the market today are:


Polish project ‘Let’s cook the future’


Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit by Ilia Vostrov


Preserved Egg Sweep Robot by Kai Dung


Mesh Cooker – Expandable Oven & Hob by Lucian Cucu


Bx7 Preparation Unit by Losif Mihailo