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The most exciting things you can do in Mongolia


Try the nomads’ life!

The nomads in Mongolia are self-supporting and they principally live in this way – not because they have to do so. This is their decision and they are happy with such choice. Nomads live in gers that you can see along the road when you travel in Mongolia. But you can not only watch. You can try such life!

Spend a night in a yurt (ger) with a nomad family.

This is very exciting to stay in a ger for a night to experience authentic life of local people. There you can try dishes of local cuisine, and herd the sheep as well. Do not forget about the gifts for the family to thank them for hospitable reception.

Visit Naadam Games

naadam-mongoliaNaadam Games are conducted in countryside Khatgal, where competition in ‘manly’ sports are arranged. The competition includes such sports as archery, horse racing and wrestling. The competitors wear national clothes. Crowds of people come to see this festival.

Take horse riding lessons

Being inspired by Naadam Games, you can take horse riding lessons from people who are considered to be excellent riders. The nomadic origin influenced Mongolians and they do it perfectly. This is what they always did. It is better to ride the horse on the shores of Lake Khovsgul.

Lovers of birds and wild nature come are invited for birdwatching to Mongolia

There are eagles, falcons, swans, vultures and other kinds of birds that are of interest to birdwatchers therefore Mongolia is a great destination point for lovers of birds. The specialists say that over 429 bird species live in the country. It is recommended to go the west of the country for birdwatching, where the lakes are located.

Even if you are not fond of birdwatching, you will need a pair of binoculars at this place to observe gazelle, marmots, argali sheep on the mountaintops. It is more difficult to spot other animals but patient travelers are rewarded! Snow leopards, wolves and bears can be spotted there too. Do not forget to keep your camera at hand. What if you skip this fantastic moment?

Enjoy amazing nature in the national parks in Mongolia

turtle-rockNational parks in Mongolia are good for camping. You have a good opportunity to pitch a tent and enjoy the scenery there. The most popular places are Terelj, Khovsgol National Park, Tavan Bogd National Park. Terelj National Park is also good for skiing in winter. There is much snow in the steppes of Mongolia.

Go on a camel trek

Ride the camel at Khongoryn Els (the Singing Sands), which are the largest sand dunes in Mongolia.

Fish in the rivers of Mongolia

Pearl of Mongolia is the lake Khovsgol. Grayling, trout or taimen (or Siberian Salmon) can be a good catch for the lovers of fishing. This fish lives over 50 years and reach the weight 45 kg. You can go fishing in the valleys near the Khentii Mountains, which features spectacular landscape! It is necessary to buy a fishing permit before you go fishing in Mongolia.

Mongolia's shaman - videoLook at the shamanic ceremony

You can also visit the shamanic ceremony, which is one more touch to this unique country with untamed landscape.

Hunt for dinosaur fossils as you travel in Gobi desert

It may seem to you that there is nothing to do in the desert but this is not so. There are lakes, sand dunes, mountains and oasis there where travelers can look for the dinosaur fossils.

There are so many interesting things in the Gobi desert – even deep ice field in the Yolyn Am. This is a narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains, which are situated in the southern part of Mongolia. It is a part of Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Yolyn Am was established to conserve birdlife in that area but the place is known all over the world now for its rocky cliffs and narrow canyons. The shade does not let the ice melt therefore it remains there the whole summer.

Visit Golden Eagle Festival

s663269247739859951_p9_i5_w640Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of falconry that is practiced by Kazakh and Kyrgyz people in Eurasian steppe. Diaspora of Kazakh people in Mongolia popularized this activity and now Golden Eagle Festival is arranged there. Now it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Event. About 70 eagle hunters take part in this event where they display their live hunt talents. The admission to the event is US$40.