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8 best resorts of Morocco


If you want to spend a wonderful vacation, a trip to Morocco is the best solution. Its gorgeous beaches, ski resorts and historical sites produce big impression upon visitors. Morocco offers golf courses, dune buggies, water-parks and lots of other activities – you can find everything in it. Morocco is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea from the north, and by the Atlantic Ocean from the west. Long coastline make this country ideal for the beach rest, so the best beach resorts are ready to receive guests from different countries of the world.

Essaouira is the most popular resort of Morocco. The seaside citadel that is located in the city attracts crowds of tourists. The medina of Essaouira entered the list of UNESCO sites. The most welcoming Moroccans and cheerful entertainment are guaranteed for you there.

The best beaches of the north-west coast are located in Asilah. This whitewashed resort town resembles the Greek island. The main beach of Asilah is flanked by campsites and hotels.

bestwest2Saidia with its numerous resorts and attractions is also called “Blue Pearl”. It is located near the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern border of Morocco. It has a long coastline (14 km) and is proud of white sand beaches and modern marine facilities. Even in winter the average temperature is 22°C in Saidia with its mild Mediterranean climate.

Saidia provides many opportunities for family rest. You can try diverse activities in Saidia including water sports. All splendor of Mediterranian awaits you in the city with shaded parks and good infrastructure.

Tangier-Tetouan is the northernmost region of the country. It borders the coastline on one side and mountains – on the other side. The towns of the region have medina and kasbah in the center. Many of them still remain unexplored. The surfers love to come there to enjoy the impressive waves. The city has reinvented itself just at the end of the last century and became a vibrant, modern Mediterranean beach resort.

Agadir resort with 10 km of beaches is perfect for a family rest. Modern hotels offer high quality services at reasonable prices. Moroccans created many opportunities for a comfortable rest, even for families with children. There are many children’s playgrounds, where kids of different nationalities play games together. Thanks to these facilities, vacation with children is not so challenging in Agadir. The beaches with golden sand are fantastic. They are surrounded with green eucalyptus that contribute to the beauty of the place.

There are many entertainment options in Agadir. A large number of nightclubs and discos enrich the evening.

If you came to restore your health, then thalassotherapy, spa, hammam, balneotherapy, and argan oil treatments are provided there as well.

Hassan-Turm-Rabat-Marokko-600x1024An elegant and sophisticated city of Rabat can also be an excellent choice. Its openness to the ocean made it dynamic and modern. The city has wealthy cultural heritage. 20 kilometers of splendid beaches converted Rabat into a popular resort and a favorite spot for surfers of different levels, who love to come to Oudayas’ beach.

Casablanca that is also called simply Casa is known for its fantastic art deco architecture. However, this destination is chosen for beach rest as well. Mohammedia that is located to the north of Casablanca offers a yachting resort, luxury hotels and a golf course. Bouznika is a little further to the north with its luxury sea resorts, one of the best on the Atlantic coast. The beaches are excellent there.

Mazagan is located 90 kilometers away from Casablanca and features exceptional environment. There is a green eucalyptus forest just in front of the superb beach. Lovers of history will be gland to stay at the resort near El Jadida and Azemmour – port cities with fortresses, founded in the 16th century. Their cultural heritage attract vacationers, as well as fresh oysters that are served in Oualidia – the place with wonderful 12-kilometer lagoon.