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New Year’s Traditions in Latin America

People in Latin America have rather interesting traditions on New Year’s Eve and Latin America is not an exception. Argentina is one of the largest countries of South Africa where people follow traditions strictly. The traditions are passing from one generation to the other and strengthen continuity of generations making people stand out from other peoples of the world.

Christmas-in-Argentina-1Argentina belongs to Roman Catholic Church and has an ancient history. The popularity of New Year that is called ‘Ano Nuevo’ there is great. It is the biggest public holiday of the year. There are also traditional dishes on New Year party. People of Argentina cook turron (nougat) and pan dulce for the party.

There are quite extraordinary traditions, and carrying a suitcase is one of them. People do it in the hope to travel in the future year. Argentines eat beans on New Year as, according to belief, beans provide safety for your current job. They also think that doing so they can open new job opportunities for them in the coming year. Some prefer to swim in the pool or river on New Year.

People of Argentina love to burst firecrackers. Impressive fireworks shows are arranged on this day. As everywhere grand parties are organized in the clubs, restaurants and hotels. The main celebration starts as soon as clock turns 12.  One should eat grapes when clock strikes 12. It brings luck in the course of the next 12 months. Each grape gives luck to each month, so make sure to eat 12 grapes to have luck for the whole year.

_47019786_cusco_per_new_year_2010It is also advised to carry a stash in the pocket to have success in financial sphere. One should hold it when it turns 12 to bring the magic of wealth to your life next year.

Actually, the traditions promise anything you need. Do you want to travel? Not a big deal! Take a suitcase and carry it walking around the block in circles on New Year. Though the tradition is strange, people actively participate in it!

People in Peru celebrate the New Year party with lots of fun and drinking. Rich traditions of the country are connected with superstitions they believe in.

For instance, people dress up a doll that is called effigy. They put on old clothes on her and burn the doll. This is symbolic as they get rid of the old in this way. It also symbolizes a new start. Citizens of Peru put on new clothes as it represents something new. Therefore the trade is very active on New Year Eve. The market tries to get advantage of this idea and increases sales many times. One can put on at least one clothing article if there is no new attire for the party. It can be underwear as well. The girls are very concerned of the color of underwear as it determines your future year. Yellow is for those who want to be happy and lucky, green – for those who have enough money and red is necessary for people who dream of love.

imagesThe person should also clean home well to provide fresh start to the approaching year.

Some people light the candles of different colors. The color means the same as with underwear. White candles mean good health. Others follow the tradition that is called ‘a bath of flowers’. They fill the bath with water and put flowers of particular color to it, then bathe in the bath. When midnight comes they put beans to the pockets as it brings money.

Other traditions include throwing rice about the house for money or throwing 10 cents around the shoulder to get rid of poverty. As you see, New Year in Latin countries is rich with traditions.