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Luxury Brands News

There are so many amazing fashion brands to choose from… If you can’t spend a fortune on a new spring/summer collection, how do you make the right choice? Many luxury brands constantly look for innovative vision; eye catching designs, new prints and materials, and use a strong reference to history and tradition in order capture their market share. Fashion houses use aggressive and expansive marketing campaign; work with celebrities and Hollywood to reach out to their clientele. Elite Club Ltd. went on a journey to find out what’s new in luxury brands’ world and how they are expanding their business. Here are the top news:

  1. As the current face of Gucci’s made to measure line, James Franco’s produced a documentary about Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini. The Director movie is showing a insight into the world of fashion tracking 18 months in the life of the creative director. You can learn about the designer, her vision, inspirations, model castings and what makes Gucci a unique brand.
  2. At the end of last year Nicolas Ghesquière has replaced Marc Jacobs as a creative director at Louis Vuitton. “Louis Vuitton has always represented for me the symbol of ultimate luxury, innovation and exploration,” Mr. Ghesquiere said in a statement. And this is what fashion critic Suzy Menkes once reported, “Nicolas Ghesquière is the most intriguing and original designer of his generation. His collections are explorations of shape, volume, and embellishment that seem totally new yet reflect in a glancing, abstract way the style of the iconic design house that shelters him.”
  3. Christian Dior presented new pastel colors cosmetics inspired by Versailles rose gardens and Marie-Antoinette’s elegant style. Trianon is a new spring/summer look for those who appreacite natural glow, high quaity make up and Versailles inspiration.
  4. Elena Ghisellini joined Emilio Pucci Fashion House to expand the leather and accessories business. Elena previously worked at the leather goods division of French label Givenchy. Emilio Pucci has also opened its most recent flagship store, on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Architect Joseph Dirand worked together with creative director Peter Dundas to create an impressive and luxurious “Neo Palazzo”.
  5. Berluti’s successful collaboration with Jeremy Irons proofs that celebrity endorsements work its magic. By working with famous people that portray certain image can bring the audience that may not were a client yet. This is what Berluti says about the collaboration: ‘ There’s no denying that Jeremy Irons is an Englishman through and through. His deep, powerful voice and accent give him away immediately. And his manners – those of a perfect gentleman – distinguish him too. Indeed, he could have continued in this vein – as the elegant, nice, proper man – throughout his career.