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Chinese Zodiac Calendar 2014. Happy New Year!

Would you like to learn more about your luck in career, love, marriage and health for 2014? Then Chinese Astrology Calendar is your guide. I am not fond of astrology and nor I follow the rules and tips. However, I think it’s entertaining and interesting to read the predictions based on authentic traditions, Chinese wisdom and ancient rituals. Chinese prediction theory is based on yin and yang magic five elements such as Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Therefore the astrological birth chart is a combination of the yin and yang elements and twelve animals represented by Rat, Cow, Tiger, Dragon, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. The twelve Chinese zodiac signs are determined by people’s birth year.


The Chinese astrology symbol for 2014 is Green Wooden Horse. According to Chinese wisdom, Horse is one of the favourite animals in the zodiac calendar. Horse is known to be hardworking, in the past it provided transportation for people and it was associated with travel and getting to the desired destination. Hence, Chinese believe that horse is not only a symbol of traveling it is also a sign of quick success. Since Horses like to compete that could be linked with meaning of freedom, and passion. According to the astrology experts, 2014 will be a busy year for people who are trying to achieve their goals and passions. Chinese calendar fans explain ‘Horse is connected with heat, red colour and hot. It is a social animal and 2014 seems to be a romantic year for those who are seeking to find love’.

Let’s See What’s In it for you in 2014…

Rat: Rat people will be very successful in their career. However, in love these people will have to work hard to keep the romance going.

Ox: Ox people may need a location change for work in the coming year. They might feel demotivated in the middle of the year but situation will change with the arrival of someone special.

Tiger: Tiger people are expected to suffer from minor health problems during summer. Horse Year 2014 will bring a promotion but also a rough competition with colleagues at work.

Rabbit: These people are predicted to get some financial gains in the last two months of the year. Rabbit people will also face a difficult situation between work and love balance and will have to make a major decision in the middle of the year.

Dragon: Dragon people are going to travel a lot during the Chinese Horse Year 2014 for both work and leisure. Single people are also expected to get interesting marriage proposals in the coming year.

Snake: Snake people might experience a betrayal from a loved one in the beginning of the coming year. These people will have a successful work year and will be able to get special incentives.

Horse: Family celebrations and lots of love for the Horse people in 2014. They are going to enjoy romance to the fullest and there are also chances of a family expansion.

Sheep: These people will experience spiritual activities and will be very successful in romance and professional life.

Monkey: Monkey people will have to improve their professional skills in order to keep a job. The love may also have a roller coaster and could lead to separation from a partner.

Rooster: Rooster people will make fortunate investments and will gain from it in the year ahead. These people are also going to be socially recognized for some charity work.

Dog: Dog people have a good year ahead of them in academics; it’s a perfect time to study. Dog people are also lucky in the romance department; they may get married at the end of the year.

Pig: Pig people will need to be strong physically and emotionally in in the Horse Year 2014 because tough situations might come in the beginning of the year. These people may face stress and pressure at work.