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Alina’s Business Style Blog

Elite Club Ltd. would like to share with you exciting news. Alina recently launched Business Style Blog on her personal page where she will compile interesting findings from the fashion world and share them with you!

There is so much information out there on the latest designer collections, trends, street style and red carpet coverage, but Alina could never find enough information about business wear and how business style has evolved over the years. Most importantly, what is the office dress code these days and how fashion forward can you really dress in the corporate world? Alina says ‘I’ve spent many years in the corporate environment and I have tested various business styles such as ‘strict’ menswear, business casual and elegant. I made fashion mistakes, I bought the wrong clothes, and I found the right clothes for every day office wear and special business events. Do you know if you should only wear closed toe shoes in the office? Do you always have to put on a jacket when you are dealing with clients? Do you have to leave accessories behind and choose strict office colours such as beige, grey and black?’

So if you want to know more about business dress code etiquette and how do you dress on business trips, social corporate weekends, conferences and learn more about how you can make your business style unique and special, please follow Alina’s weekly findings. ‘I will show you what I learned and I will search for great style ideas from business women, politicians and celebrities from around the globe.’ says Alina about her new style blog.

Fashion has become such a social phenomenon and is an important factor in exploring the personality and individual style of people around the world. There are so many talented and well-established fashion journalists and experts, and my goal is not to compete with them, but to contribute my own voice to the diverse community.

So, in this special Travel Issue, Alina tells us what’s her favourite business travel bag. Berluti is historic French boot maker has a wide range of brief cases that would make a woman look strong, confident but elegant and formal at the same time. Berluti Deux Jours bag that is a perfect briefcase for client meetings and a short business trip. It’s made from a soft, fine, high end leather, it has two compartments and a nice zipped outside pocket. Deux Jours bag has plenty of room for accessories, cosmetics, change of clothes, laptop and presentation materials.

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