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Explore Maldivian Cuisine

Most of the hotels will offer on the menu favourite international dishes such as hamburgers, club sandwich, pizza, fish and chips. However, if you are here, you should definitely try Maldivian curries, local sea food and exotic fruits. mangoMaldivians eat lots of tuna, it’s usually boiled, processed or grilled, raw fish is not part of the culture. One of the most popular daily dishes is “garudiya” a traditional fish soup that is served with onions, chillies and rice. Preparation is very easy: tuna is boiled in water together with spices such as curry leafs and dried sweet chilly. Soup is served with rice and lemon. Sounds very nutritious and healthy! Dried tuna is mainly used in snacks called “short eats”. Another popular creation is called “mashuni”, it is a typical breakfast dish made from smoked tuna and coconut. Coconuts are used in every Maldivian dish, it’s added to curries, deserts and drinks. Grated fresh coconut is also part of the Huni Roshi, a typical Maldivian flat bread. Curries are “must try” in Maldives, these dishes are highly influenced by Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines. Chicken curries are usually very spicy, vegetable curries contain sweet potato, green bananas and pumpkin. I have to say a few words about local Maldivian lobster also known as spiny lobster. This type of sea food looks a lot like a real lobster from North America or Mediterranean, however, this creature doesn’t have claws and it has juicy, tender and sweet meat. Many resorts catch sea food right at their door step by setting up traps near the reef. I hope you’ll enjoy my new introduction to the website – special mini videos about food, restaurants and quick and easy recipes. I am glad to present my first mini-series about Maldivian gastronomic adventure.

Travelling to Maldives inspired me to write about the benefits of the exotic fruits. Tropical fruits can contribute to healthy nutrition by improving digestion and protecting against the signs of aging. Fruits such as coconut, papaya, mango, and pineapple have a tender, sticky-sweet composition and rich flavourful essence but also they have medicinal properties and high nutrient content. For example, mango is known in India as a ‘super fruit’ for its rich variety of nutrients. This tender fruit has a high amount of powerful antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, E, and selenium. This extraordinary combination of vitamins fights heart disease, hair loss, bacterial infections, menstrual disorders, and eyesight issues related to aging. Vitamin E regulates sex hormone function and promotes strong reproductive health. Mango has bioactive compounds known as esters, terpenes, and aldehydes, which are known for their positive impact on treating digestion problems. Mango helps to regulate appetite and decrease acidity in the stomach as well as normalise insulin levels in the blood. Other enzymes, such as magneferin and katechol oxidase, act as an antidote to toxins, prevent infections, and help to promote youth and longevity. Mango has lots of soluble fibre called pectin. It lowers bad cholesterol, and together with phenols present in mango, it helps to prevent cancer. Mangoes are good for improving concentration, since they contain glutamine acid, which strengthens memory and maintains the health of brain cells. This magical fruit also has potassium, copper, amino acids, and vitamin B complex. Mango is also rich in iron, which helps to prevent anaemia during pregnancy and regulate menopause in women. Another important element is the presence of tryptophan that helps to produce serotonin that regulates good mood and positive attitude!

Mangoes come from the same family of trees as cashews. There are more than fifty types of mango that vary in shape, weight, and colour. Mangoes were discovered at least four thousand years ago in Southeast Asia and Himalayan region of India, and even until today they are considered the national fruit of India. Ancient Sanskrit literature described the mango as ‘king of fruits’. There are many methods for cooking mango, one of the most famous dishes made with mango is Indian mango chutney, which is prepared with green chillies, onions, and spices. Mango is often used in Thai cuisine; sticky rice with mango is a popular dish. Fresh mango is used in salads, marmalades, and puddings.

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