Elite Club, Ltd.

Safety Tips while on the Road

Elite Club came up with the check list for travellers. Business or pleasure, travelling could be lots of fun but also it could be stressful. When you travel domestically or abroad its best to be aware of unexpected difficulties that may occur especially around holiday season. As we’ve seen in the past weather can cause severe travel disruptions, delays and uncomfortable conditions. Hence, for me, travel safety starts with planning a trip. Check the list before you are out of the door.

  1. Make sure you pack into your carry on first aid and enough prescription medication
  2. Always have a few snacks and food in case your train or flight is delayed
  3. If you are driving make sure you plan your route and you know where your stops will be
  4. Always have an exact address, telephone and a map for your destination
  5. Leave a copy of your itinerary with you friends or relatives so somebody is aware where you may be in case of an emergency

TROPICAL CHRISTMASAround holiday season, amount of robberies and other criminal activities usually goes up because there are many people passing through busses, train stations and airports. The most important rule is not to engage with strangers and keep your eyes open, criminals are known to drug travellers or use spray sleeping gas. In many big cities thieves, scam artists, pickpockets, carjackers, and gang members use ingenious ploys. In order to protect yourself from violence or crime, you have to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Stay alert while you are travelling and don’t engage in conversation with strangers who are offering you food or drink or asking strange questions or destructing you
  2. Try not to travel along at night in the city or town you don’t know well
  3. Don’t take unofficial taxi
  4. Stay away from small and dark alleys and don’t take unknown streets or roads
  5. Don’t carry with you expansive items, jewellery and a lot of cash
  6. Take with you travel checks and only 1 or 2 credit cards
  7. Leave at home important documents
  8. If you are approached by a criminal, give up your valuables, don’t fight back

When you are in a foreign country you are subject to its laws, therefore, make sure you know what you can and cannot do in a particular country. For example, in Thailand, you cannot make indecent remarks against the king, it could result in a prison sentence. In many Middle Eastern countries even a small possession of illegal drugs could lead to arrest and in some cases even a death penalty. Some countries have strict control over what you can export out of a country. It could be items or animals of flora and fauna or rare antiques that are protected from leaving a country. It’s always best to know the rules before you break them unknowingly. When you are travelling abroad, I would recommend the following safety tips:

Make sure you know your country’s consulate contacts
Know how to use local telephone system
Review the legal expectations in the country
Understand how the rules work around prescription drugs and have enough with you for the duration of your trip
Learn about the climate and check the weather forecast