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Patrick Mavros’s African Luxury House

Shopping for unique gift or a special interior piece? Elite Club Ltd. recommends Patrick Mavros’s luxury boutiques in London, Mauritius and Harare. If you don’t plan to stop by these unique retail locations, you can always find objects d’art, exclusive accessories, or home and interior pieces at Patrick Mavros website. Mavros achieved global prominences as the ‘definitive African luxury house.’ Inspired by wildlife, African landscapes and special craftsmanship, Patrick Mavros founded his business back in 1979. Patrick Mavros, a fifth generation Zimbabwean, is most known for his original vision and ability to transform flora and fauna of his native Africa into magnificent jewelry pieces and special art objects.

His brand’s mission is to deliver romance and adventure from Africa and this mission is well accomplished. The art pieces are admired by many celebrities, collectors, and even royals. According to Daily Mail Prince William and Kate’s closest friends have bought presents for Prince George from upmarket designer Patrick Mavros. The Duchess has been a big fan of Mavros’s sterling silver jewelry and is believed to own a few pieces including crocodile stud earrings and Zozo elephant pendant.


Patrick’s signature pieces are sterling silver ‘elephant hair’ bangles, ‘crocodile’ belt buckles, and unique cuff bangles. Together with his four sons, Patrick keeps expanding the business and designing one off special pieces such as Giraffe and Acacia Tree Candelabra, a set of Flying Grouse double magnum wine coasters and ‘elephant and tortoise’ cigar ashtrays. Patrick Mavros recently opened a store in the Indian Ocean, where one of his sons runs a special workshop in Mauritius.

The story of Patrick Mavros is truly inspirational. He was trained as a baker and served as a soldier during Rhodesian wars. He designed his first pair of earrings for his wife Catja over thirty years ago. The earrings were so admired by her friends that Patrick began making jewelry. Today, we have a pleasure enjoying beautiful pieces by African luxury house Patrick Mavros.