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From Russia with Love – Top 5 Russian Souvenirs

If you are in Sochi for the Olympic Games, the photos probably will be the best thing you will bring from Sochi. However, if you are shopping for souvenirs, I could recommend a few unique Russian gifts that will make your family and friends happy.

Alina’s Top 5 – Best Russian Souvenirs Shopping in Sochi


On the official Sochi Olympics website, you can find unique Sochi souvenirs and buy an original logo tee shirt.earrings

Modern shopping Complex ‘New Century’ has it all – over one hundred shops and boutiques where you can find Russian and international brands, and perhaps a unique locally made jewellery set.

nesting-dollThe local Sochi shop The Valley of Presents (Dolina Suvenirov) has a wide range of traditional Russian gifts including matryoshka dolls and authentic wooden jewellery boxes.

fishingIn the store chain called Expedition you can find souvenirs, local crafts and most importantly everything you need for mountain hiking and fishing. Why not to buy a Russian fishing pole as a souvenir? 

horses‘Central’ shopping mall is the biggest mall in Sochi offering international and local brands, a large children’s toy store and other services like hair salons, flower shop and souvenir stands. I bet your friends’ kids will appreciate a real Russian toy!