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This article was written on 25 Aug 2016.

Best places to see in Mexico City

You are going to have a fascinating holiday if you go to Mexico. It would be great to start with a capital of the country. Mexico City is definitely one of the most amazing destinations on earth. This is an ancient city built on a lake with Aztec canals.

The inviting neighborhoods of Mexico City had recent improvements so the city with about 30 million residents became pedestrian friendly. Its extensive subway can take you safely to different parts of the city. Free bike share program is of great popularity in the city. You can have good time at the central part of Mexico City – Chapultepec Park. Do not miss Chapultepec Castle and zoo. National Museum of History can be a good introduction to the history of Mexico.

History-addicted people with love National Museum of Anthropology with beautifully displayed collection of artefacts. This is a must-visit. All these items, you will see there, cover 2500 years of history. You should be ready to spend hours there and still be on the first level as it is huge.

Some places are excellent for visit on weekends, for instance, Paseo de la Reforma, which is closed to traffic at this time so that people could enjoy cycling there. You can make city bike tour and explore its iconic places. You can also make a gastronomy tour to Condessa neighborhood with a market where you can try delicious food. Streets wonderfully demonstrate the atmosphere of the city.

Consider Mexico City Segway Tour in Downtown, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tour includes visits to Metropolitan Cathedral, Bellas Artes Palace, Latin American Tower, the Zocalo, which is one of the largest squares in the world and a symbol of downtown. You can look at this astonishing place also at night. Great illumination makes the night tour spectacular.

Plaza Garibaldi is a place where famous Mexican musicians, the mariachis meet. If you go the restaurant in Plaza Garibaldi you will be able to enjoy a classical Mexican show.

The ancient form of entertainment is cockfighting. This event can also be on your tour. This tour does not suit all as this is bloody sport that ends with killing of one of the roosters.

You can explore the pyramids early in the morning to avoid crowds of tourists that come to Teotihuacan, a World Heritage-listed archaeological site. It is known as the “City of Gods” and dates back to 100BC. There is much to explore there: plazas, murals, structures. The atmosphere is mystical there. You will love the captivating stories of the guide.

You should visit Templo Mayor, which is the ruins of a massive temple. A huge stone disc, which is engraved with the Aztec Moon Goddess Coyolxauhqui, was discovered during the excavation works in 1978. The disc is 3.25 meters in diameter. During further archeological digs 7000 other items were found. The on-site museum will help you to make a history to the ancient past of Mexico.

Coyoacan is one of the neighborhoods you can visit. You can see interesting architecture of colonial times there, churches built in the 16th century and other historical sites. It used to be the settlement of conquistadors. Now artists and writers live there. Diego and Frida lived in Coyoacan. Cobblestone streets with shady plazas lead to Frida Kahlo’s Blue House. You should not skip the chance to explore the murals of Diego Riviera during your stay in Mexico.

Casa de los Azulejos or “House of Tiles” is a palace of the 18th century and a flagship restaurant for a chain of restaurants called Sanborns. It features the tile façade of blue and white tiles. If you want to eat in luxury surrounding, this place suits you perfectly. You can have a nice dinner and enjoy the murals of the interior.