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This article was written on 30 Mar 2016.

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10 best things to do in Russia for lovers of extreme tours


Lovers of extreme tours can have fantastic adventures in Russia. There are a lot of interesting activities, for the most part, in the northern and eastern part of the country.

Winter cycling on bikes on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is famous all over the world for being the oldest, deepest and biggest lake. Tourists usually come there in warm months but people with adventure spirit can do it in winter also. Winter cycling on bikes with studded tires is possible there thanks to strong winds, which make Baikal free of snow.

Trekking in Altai Mountains

wandern_kleinThe Altai region borders with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and is a great destination for tourists in summer who take the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Russia. Altai is perfect for trekking. Mountain Belukha is loved by extreme tourists due to wilderness around it. The markings of trails are very poor therefore it is not recommended to trek there without a guide.

Rafting and kayaking in Siberia

Rafting and kayaking in Siberia is very exciting. Some travel agencies organize whitewater tours. The Altai Mountains are great for rafting. It is done usually in June and August. You can experience the event of a lifetime if you choose to do it in Siberia.

Travelling to the North Pole from Murmansk

Murmansk is the biggest Arctic city, where you can observe northern lights. The tours are arranged to the North Pole from there. Tourists travel on icebreaker. During the trip they hike on Franz Joseph Land, watch Arctic animals including Polar bears, and even ride hot-air balloon above the North Pole. This is incredible opportunity!

Experience life of Arctic reindeer herders

9bg5-ei3zdQArctic reindeer herders live on the Yamal peninsula, which stretches from the Russian mainland to the Arctic Ocean. Some native Nenet people are reindeer herders and they live partially nomadic life. They travel groups of reindeers to the north. The group can reach 10000 animals. They live in chums during nomadic period, which resemble the tents of the Indians from North America. The tourists can live in a Nenet family for some time and observe their life.

Explore the longest Siberian river

The Yenisey that flows in Siberia is the 5th longest rivers in the world and its mouth takes place in the Arctic Ocean. The tourists travel there by comfortable passenger boats, while the lovers of extreme journey can choose to row the Yenisey River.

Visit to one of the coldest cities of the world Yakutsk

You can drive the Road of Bones that start there and extends through taiga forest to Magadan that is located on the Pacific. The road is 2000 kilometers long. By the way, Ewan McGregor tried to do it but failed due to rushing rivers with no bridges. The trip is easier in winter when rivers are frozen.

Hiking mountain Elbrus (southern part), the highest mountain in Europe

You can get to the top in two ways: to climb it or do it with chairlift that takes the tourists to the height 3800 meters.

Tracking wild tigers

tiger-snowThere are just 350-400 Siberian tigers in the wild and they live in the Far East, north of Vladivostok, in particular. Now thanks to multiple efforts they show the signs of recovery. The tourists can even track the Siberian tigers with a guide. During such safari they can also see bears, deer or Amur leopard, which is considered the endangered cat.

Hitchhiking is the cheapest but the most dangerous thing

The cheapest extreme tour can be organized on your own. There is hitchhiking for that. It helps to get acquainted with locals best of all, but is rather dangerous activity, especially if you do not know Russian.