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Top-10 things to do in Tokyo


You can create a unique vacation itinerary before you set off to explore Tokyo. Here is a list of thing you can do in this fantastic metropolis.

  1. Order the atmospheric cruise around the Tokyo Bay

One of the best way to survey the city is to use a boat in a Japanese style – jakatabune. Look at the sights of the capital as you are floating on it. Choose a meal plan as you order the atmospheric cruise around the Tokyo Bay. The boats are lavishly decorated to create the atmosphere of the Edo epoch. There are tatami mats, low tables for dinner and design that contributes to a traditional feel.

  1. Look at the city from the Tokyo Skytree

jap-tokyo-skytreeAnother way to look at the city is to do it from the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree, which was built in 2012 and is taller than the Tokyo Tower, a famous landmark of Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower is also worth visiting. Its orange lights look magical and make the tower stand out at night. This is a popular dating place for couples and one of the most romantic places of the city.

  1. Learn the history of the city

Those who want to touch the history, should visit the Imperial Palace that became the symbol of the country. It is huge and takes 2,000,000 square meters. The lovers of history will also like the Edo-Tokyo Museum with exhibition, showing how people lived in Edo period. It is so big that you can spend the whole day in the museum.

  1. Enjoy cherry blossoms and lotus leaves

TokyoThose who want to relax, are invited to the beautiful garden Rikugien loved for its autumn foliage and cherry blossoms. It took 7 years to build this garden. Rikugien was appointed as a special beauty spot. You can also enjoy cherry blossom in Ueno Park, which is also called the forest of culture. Shinobazu Pond is the focal point and the symbol of the Ueno Park. In summer, you can enjoy the lotus leaves there.

  1. Explore the temples of Tokyo

Kaminari-mon with a lantern and statues is the oldest temple of Tokyo. The name of a place is translated as “thunder gate”. The gate was first built in 941 by a military commander. There are many stalls near Kaminari-mon. People love to come here on weekends because there is a festival-like atmosphere there.

  1. Watch the kabuki performance

kabuki_stage_01_by_nicojay-d4oqprnThe programs of the National Theatre and Kabukiza Theatre include the kabuki performances. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theatre, involving elaborately designed costumes, bright makeup, weird wigs and exaggerated actions. There is much showmanship in this art. The storyline is provided in English. The headphones will help you to follow the narration.

  1. Visit sumo tournament

Sumo is even a better theatre than kabuki. 3 grand sumo tournaments are arranged in Tokyo, so if you happen to come to Japan in January, May or September, do not skip this event.

  1. Enjoy meal and atmosphere of Akasaka Ninja Restaurant

Cosplay is widely spread everywhere in Japan. Akasaka Ninja Restaurant, for instance, is one of the best theme restaurants. Everything in it contributes to the whole concept. The waiters are dressed like ninjas, the menu looks like scroll, shuriken-shaped foods are served. The winding corridors of the restaurant create the atmosphere of the Japanese castle.

  1. Explore Roppongi with its luxury venues

533071295_5d307b044dYou can also go to Roppongi – an area with many luxury venues as many celebrities live at this part of the city. Art museums, stylish boutiques, cinemas, Japanese gardens and many other things are at your disposal in this district. When you get hungry during your trip, try sushi at Pintokona.


     10. Give yourself an anime manicure

Nakano Broadway is also the center of subcultures, where you can buy toys, dolls, manga, anime and other related things. Give yourself an anime manicure in otaku nail salon. The artists will adorn your nails with the design you will choose or with an anime character. It will cost you ¥1,000 per 10 minutes.

This just a short survey of the interesting sights, there is much more to explore in Tokyo.