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Great things to do in South Africa


If you want to travel to a vast, incredibly beautiful country, South Africa should be your choice. The trip to the African continent is always fantastic and extraordinary. There is stunning scenery with rich wildlife, which is everywhere in South Africa. There is much to offer for tourists. Some call Cape Town an adventure capital of the world as over 130 kinds of extreme exploits can be tried there.

Everything you can imagine, is found in South Africa: shark cage-diving, abseiling, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving and many other activities curdling your blood. You will have to calm yourself after it, so African wildlife safari can be an amazing exhilarating experience. Almost all love African wildlife safari so this travelling destination is one of the most popular just this reason. However, some wildlife adventures do not look so relaxing. The adrenaline junkies will love kayaking in the river, where crocs and hippos live.

156_SouthAfricaOceanSafariswhalebreachlowres_1279034024There are plenty of opportunities for whale watching. These ocean creatures get out on the water so the tourists can enjoy the spectacle.

There are also other activities that bring much fun: hiking, golfing, birdwatching, tasting wines, shopping and so on.

Table Mountain, which is 3560ft high, is a recognizable landmark of the country. It is called this way because of its flat top. The cable car will take to the top in 5 minutes. If you wish to hike up there, it will take a whole day but the trip is worth it – beautiful panorama will open in front of you there.

VA Waterfront in Cape Town can offer much for tourists: the best shops, restaurants and entertainments can be found there.

The famous Garden Route is one of the best drives in the world. Cango Caves in the Swartberg Mountains reveal the hidden chambers with stalagmite formations.

800px-nmdsquarestatueNelson Mandela played a big role in the history of South Africa. He is a great liberator – the mission of his life was to fight against segregation and apartheid. It is not surprising that many sights are devoted to him. There is a striking sculpture near the Natal Midlands that creates an optical illusion: the steel poles of different heights make a Mandela’s face. 6-meter statue at the Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg is one more sign of deep respect to this great political figure who became a global icon.

The Apartheid Museum gives insight to another world where local residents were forcefully removed from some areas. Children under 11 are not allowed.

consumers-vote-gatew-1350998234Montecasino is a great choice for entertainment in Johannesburg. You while family will love to spend time in this recreational complex. You can also have a good shopping there. Gateway Theatre of Shopping, located in the upmarket suburb of Umhlanga is another great unique shopping and entertainment complex with 400+ outlets, 30 restaurants, a wave house, go-karting, movie complexes, skate-park, 10-pin bowling alley and etc.

Other great things to do in South Africa:

  • Visit the ostrich farm and try a huge omelette. You can even ride an ostrich but you will have to be under 65 kilograms to do it.
  • Learn about the first indigenous people of Southern Africa in Khwa ttu, a San Education and Culture Centre.
  • If you want to try something really cool, you should take Balloon Safari.
  • Have a look at the Big Tree in Tsitsikamma, which is at least 600 years old.

There is much more you can do in South Africa. Even if you go several times to this country, you will still just scratch the surface. Therefore it is so interesting to explore it.