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Top-10 things to do in Bolivia


  • Death Road for adrenaline lovers

Adventure lovers come to Bolivia to try the most dangerous road in the world. This is reckless but many tourists do it every day. The road is winding and narrow so it can be risky to descent from the top of the mountain, especially when the weather conditions make it even more complicated. Usually the road is dusty there, and gets muddy after rain. There is little vehicle on the Death Road, but sometimes you can meet one on the same road. Adrenaline lovers should apply to reputable tourist companies for such trips even if the price for the trip is higher than in other places.

  • Salar de Uyuni

скачанные файлыUyuni salt flats are incredible rock formations that are very popular among tourists. The route starts at Uyuni and then endless salt planes open in front of you. The jeep will take you to the place with glaring white landscape and you feel as if you are amid the winter’s snow.



  • Sajama National Park

boliviaSajama National Park can be of big interest for nature lovers. The highest mountain of Bolivia is located there. The scenery with high mountain peaks around is spectacular. The travelers can see llamas, alpacas and vicunas in Sajama National Park.

Sajama is a little village, where 80 families live. Go to the geysers, which are located 8 kilometers from the village.  There are hot water ponds with clear water in that area.

  • The mysteries of La Paz

ir0sBolivia-Capital-of-La-PazLa Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia and this is a mysterious place at the same time. You can buy superstitious trinkets and artifacts at the Witches’ Market. Handicrafts are also on sale there: native textiles, alpaca, ceramics, table cloths and other interesting things.

Valley of the Moon is a mysterious site on the outskirts of La Paz. The strange rock formations attracts tourists from all over the world.

  • Explore unique culture of Bolivia

Explore the history and culture of Bolivia in in the National Folklore Museum. You will love the exhibition of exotic ceremonial masks. Also, the collection of ancient weavings at textiles display is worth your attention.

  • Fighting Cholitas – traditional wrestling match between women

wrestle-682_1108662a_crop_650x440Do not skip Fighting Cholitas, where women fight in traditional clothes. They wear bowler hats, braided hair and multilayer skirts.

  • Try unusual products at Bolivian market

It is great to feel the spirit of the country if you go to the local market and try the unusual products, which are sold there. The wine market is growing in Bolivia so you can explore the wines and try beer in local breweries.

  • Tiwanaku – UNESCO heritage site

It is also advised to look at remains of Incas civilization Tiwanaku, which is UNESCO heritage site.

  • Take catamaran cruise on Lake Titicaca

puno_lapaz_jul10-772Titicaca is the sacred lake of the Incas. The lake is located 3800 meters above the sea level and features spectacular scenery. There is much to explore there.

  • Chew on coca leaves?

Coca is traditionally a source of energy in Bolivia. It is everywhere. This is one of the first things you can see in the airport – a large bushel of coca leaves. People chew on them, make sweets of coca leaves and etc. It is considered that coca leave helps to feel well on high altitude. It is up to you if you use this source of energy or not, but if you do, you should drink much.