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This article was written on 19 Jun 2015.

Unforgettable trip to Bruges and Cologne


If you want to see real gems of Europe, such cities as Bruges and Cologne are worth visiting. Beautiful medieval Bruges features cobbled streets that contribute to fabulous romantic atmosphere of the place.  It used to be a flourishing town in the medieval times due to its strategic location. It was at the crossroads of main trade routes then but the Golden era was over in the 16th century when other economic centers developed.

The revival of the city occurred in the 19th century when Bruges started developing its tourist sector.

There are many memorials of the glorious past, which are of great interest to the tourists of Bruges. These sites tell about different industries of the town:

  • Choco-Story Museum offers chocolate making exhibition at €7.
  • Brewery De Halve Maan offers tours of the beer making process. As you get to the brewery, you can see a great panorama of the city. The entrance price is€7 with one drink included to the price.
  • Diamant Museum helps to discover the extraordinary world of diamonds. Diamond polishing show is arranged there every day.
  • There are some quite cool exhibitions in the Friet Museum, the only frites museum in the world where visitors can track how potato gradually turns into a fry. Stage by stage is shown to you and then you can taste delicious fries!

Lovers of art can go to Groeninge Museum, Lucifernum, the art gallery, visit a concert in Concertgebouw Brugge or just walk around the place with much Gothic style architecture (Basilica of the Holy Blood, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk  translated as Church of Our Lady and etc).

There are entertainments for any season: in winter you can visit Snow and Ice sculpture festival. In summer, take a tour boat or hire horse drawn cart. Lovers of extreme rest can try Bruges Ballooning at € 170.

All guests of the city are impressed with its charm. Stay at one of the luxury hotels of Bruges, for instance,

There are many other interesting options as well.

1383733798c1503lYou can travel from Bruges to Cologne by train. The trip takes a little more than 3 hours. Many times Cologne was called the most popular travel destination in Germany at any season. The carnival season starts on the 11th of November at 11.11 a.m. The whole city goes wild – you will see amazing celebrations in Cologne. This city is always full of life as if the spirit of party dwells in it. Cologne is frequently called a carnival capital of Germany. The place is also known for its vibrant nightlife. The guests of the city like to visit local bars that offer excellent beer. Do not skip a chance to visit Christmas markets if you plan your trip in winter.

The most famous landmark in the city is Cologne cathedral, the construction of which began in 1248. However, it include treasures that date back to the 14th century such as High Altar. Explore the Cologne Cathedral, UNESCO world heritage, located in has an Altstadt. Among the oldest places of interest are Romanesque churches that date back to the 11th century – the examples of Romanesque architecture in Cologne.

Take 1-hour Rhine River sightseeing cruise to see a panorama of the city. There are many interesting museums in the city, such as:

For luxury stay in Cologne you can regard classic luxury of the following hotels:

If you prefer boutique style, Hotel Im Wasserturm, located in the biggest historic water tower, can be your choice. Contemporary hotel Casa Colonia with luxury rooms is also worth attention.