Elite Club, Ltd.

Luxury in the sky


What does it mean to travel in elite style? You’d better apply to Emirates to find it out. Emirates is the biggest airline in the world in number of international passengers. It has a hub in Dubai and operates 3000 flights every week. The planes fly to 140 destinations that are located in more than 70 countries of the world on 6 continents. The fleet includes more 200 items of passenger aircraft (Airbus A330/A340, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777), cargo freighters and an executive jet.

FC_Private_Suite_02_400x300_tcm255-1587056Emirates First Class airline promises the highest possible level of service excellence in the sky. The company sets a luxury standard for the whole industry. The first class seating can be of three types. Customer can have
• A full suite with doors;
• A flat bed seat;
• A sleeper seat.
The range of first class benefits is rather wide, starting with exclusive shower spas on board of A380 to personal suites with huge beds.
You can leisurely sip your champagne as you fly to some destination not worrying about anything. There is everything onboard to make your trip relaxed.
The luxury approach to service starts before you board the plane. Door-to-door chauffeur-drive service is provided to all first class clients. Priority check-in and fast-track baggage handling are pleasant details that contribute to the pleasure received from the trip. There is 50 kilograms baggage allowance, which is a nice bonus as well.
High-class Emirates Lounges are available in over 35 destinations. Alternatively, the shared lounge can be used depending upon your destination.
FC_Private_Suite_04_400x300_tcm255-1587067The customers value exclusive service. There are sliding doors in first class private suites that provide seclusion. The suite is equipped with everything you may need in the sky such as mini-bar, a wardrobe, adjustable lighting and vanity table. There are many options for entertainment too. In-flight entertainment system with up to 1200 channels accessed in 10 languages gives unlimited opportunities. You can use a touchscreen to watch television, films, play games or listen to music.

Every aspect of the journey is high standard with Emirates first class. The dining experience surpasses all expectations. The best restaurants of the world cook meals for Emirates flights, so those who feel nervous over the clouds can forget about everything as they try such excellent dishes! The selection of finest meals is waiting for you onboard. A good choice of premium-label drinks, chic stylish cutlery was selected to emphasize exclusivity of the flight. Each customer can rely upon dedicated bartender who cares about the passengers throughout the flight and brings fantastic hors d’œuvres.
FC_Private_Suite_03_400x300_tcm255-1587060Emirates A380 Shower Spa brings refreshment and relaxation during the flight. The most up-to-date shower system in the spa with nice walnut-marble design and natural shower kits was created to help the customer feel his best when he arrives to the point of destination.

The exclusive approach is inspiring. It makes the customers feel special and realize their potential more fully, concluding the most beneficial deals and contracts. The offer is aimed at celebrities, businessmen, sportsmen, honeymoon couples and other customers who apply to Emirates when money is not an issue and comfort is more important.