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Posh wedding at Plaza (New York)


Wedding is a special occasion for every person therefore once in a lifetime experience should be superb! It can be easily delivered by Plaza hotel that is referred to as one of the most expensive wedding venues. Beautiful hotel in the center of Manhattan is a perfect place where you can start your life together. The hotel faces the Central Park of New York.

The popularity of Plaza hotel as a wedding venue is explicable – it arranged so many posh weddings for the celebrity couples that the place has become iconic already. Plaza entered the top of the most expensive wedding venues with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Eddie Murphy weddings. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas had one of the most beautiful weddings ever held in Plaza. The bill for the while wedding was $1.5 million in 2005.


The price for a wedding reception with a Central Park view depends upon the season. It is the most expensive in the peak periods (Saturday nights of June and September). The price per person is $375 without tax and service fee 23%. The minimal number of guests you should invite for the occasion is 200 persons so it you can do easy math to see the total amount that you need for a posh wedding in Plaza. It becomes even higher if you want to hold the ceremony in the Terrace Room. Additional $12,000 is needed. The couple can invite up to 500 guests for the cocktail reception only at the Terrace Room. There are 370 seated places for guests.

When you book the reception it also includes a bridal suite for night of the occasion and separate preparation suites for a groom and a bride. The bride is getting ready to look charming on the main day of her life and the suite becomes a beauty salon for a day before wedding.

Legendary Plaza hosts weddings in the Terrace Room known for its grandeur. Excellent design of the Terrace Room contributes to the festivity of the occasion.   Beautiful figural paintings on the ceilings make you feel extraordinary – like in a Renaissance period. Right from the glamorous entrance everything screams rich history in Plaza hotel. Refined classic setting is loved by all.


The splendor of the interior makes you feel special in the most important day of your life. You are never tired of timeless glamor of the Plaza weeding rooms. This is an excellent choice for the elegant wedding. There is no choice better than this if you want to arrange sophisticated occasion. Here you will see a new standard of catering. The place is famous and there is attention to every small detail. For instance, the couple can find napkins with the monogram of the couple.

Highly professional team works over the event. Their experience and passion provides a great result: so many couples have the most cherished memories of wedding parties thanks to them. The ceremony can be done in the front of the Grand Ballroom. The designers create special atmosphere for every occasion so they make it unique every time. For instance, the designers can create the atmosphere of the park with lanterns hanging from the trees so the couple can marry under the tree right in the Plaza hotel! After the ceremony all are invited to the cocktail area, which is right near the Grand Ballroom.


Plaza also hosts gay weddings. In June of 2012 the first gay wedding was arranged in the Plaza, New York. Jay and Tony have come to New York from Florida but their passionate desire was to arrange the event in the New York. The Plaza happened to be the perfect choice for them.