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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament


Wimbledon is the name of suburban district located in Greater London, which became known throughout the world because one of the most prestigious sports events is held there – Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It is also one of four Majors (Grand Slam tennis tournaments). The tournament is unique because it is still played on grass.

Tennis - 2009 Wimbledon Championships - Day Nine - The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet ClubBut Wimbledon is more than sport – it is a celebration of rituals. Strawberries and cream that mean the arrival of summer are traditional treats offered as typical stand food at Wimbledon. Fans are treated with strawberries and cream between matches. All tennis players wear white in accordance with a dress-code accepted there. Wimbledon is patronized by the Royal family. The Queen of Britain frequently visits this Grand Slam and meets with its players. Some traditions of Wimbledon are quite interesting. For instance, all players are referred to as Miss, Mr. and Mrs. so women are called Miss not depending upon the marital status.

Every tennis player dreams of playing on Wimbledon’s Centre Court, called so after the central court at the site of All England Croquet Club that was in the center of all courts. When the first championship was arranged in 1877, there were 12 courts available. In 1881 two central fields became one and a huge Centre Court was made. Though it moved to another place later (to the site at Church Road), the name remained. During WWII the Centre Court was damaged when several bombs fell on it.

Tennis-Stories-img7605_668Currently, the seating capacity of Wimbledon’s Centre Court is 15000. The capacity has been recently increased when 6 rows of seats were added to the upper tier on several sides. New media facilities appeared as well, such as scoreboards with video, commentary boxes. The seats became wider and more comfortable. More stairs were built and lifts were added, but the retractable roof became the biggest enhancement. It was installed in 2009 to prolong the playing time. The Centre Court has become more effective as the rain does not interfere with the match any longer. The scheduling problems disappeared after the retractable roof was tested at a Centre Court Celebration in 2009. The roof can be activated during the set – it takes 10 minutes to close.

When it comes to eating there are a lot of dining venues around. It must be noted that Wimbledon-themed cocktails are served in different restaurants. For instance, Match Point includes lemonade, Rémy Martin VSOP, lime, fresh ginger, cucumber. Wimbledon martini is a mix of Plymouth gin with chamomile, sugar syrup and limoncello.

f_20090704131700__NT29895RestaurantsThe official caterers of Wimbledon Championship are the Wingfield Restaurant, the Baseline Diner, modern American restaurant the Diner that provides American classic meals in addition to traditional foods of Wimbledon. The visitors can try Canadian lobster, crayfish roll, and chocolate fudge cake.

In the café area the guests can find Pizza Base. This is a good alternative for the ones who want to have a bite on the run. Pizza Base offers slices of pizza and fresh salads customers can take away if they do not have time to stay there.

If you are not hungry you can relax breathing in coffee aroma in Lavazza Café. Self-service restaurants include Café Pergola where light refreshments and wine bar can be found, Conservatory Kitchen with self-assisted hot or cold lunch and a bar and etc.

Restaurants and bars are located throughout the place: the Champions’ Room restaurant, the Gallery bar, the Roof Top bar, the Renshawon on the ground floor of the No.1 Court building.

f_20100630095700_CR2_1405DebenturesThe Courtside restaurant is a great place if you want to have afternoon tea or substantial three-course meal. There are showcases with memorable objects and pictures telling about Wimbledon history.

Enjoy a glass of champagne in open air restaurant the Courtside Balcony, enjoy a wonderful view from the Gallery bar or the Roof Top bar. The Terrace self-service restaurant opens a wonderful view upon the Tea Lawn. As you see there is a wide array of alternatives at Wimbledon. All of them provide high-quality food and create a bright and friendly atmosphere. With yummy treats and strawberries available everywhere for dessert the visitors have an airy summer feeling.