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Top 5 luxury castle hotels around Paris


 Looking for a luxury rest in Paris you should consider staying at a castle hotel. You will feel like a member of a royal family there. The selection of such hotels is huge all over the country. They reflect a rich history of medieval architecture. The tourists can look at the elegant castles, visit majestic chateau sights and even stay at them. Many castles were redesigned – now they are ready to accept visitors. This time we are going to explore castle hotels near Paris.

i (8)Make a step into the past and stay at the Chateau d’Esclimont for your vacation. It takes about an hour to get here from Paris. 52 rooms of different categories are offered to the visitors who can stay in one of the exclusive suites or rooms. It is romantic 5 stars hotel near Paris and Versailles. The hotel rooms are enchanting in this fairy-tale renaissance castle with turrets, balconies, towers, belfries. The gastronomic restaurant presents the best meals in a cozy atmosphere.

i (9)Chateau de Bourron is an elegant castle that is owned by the family. It serves as a hotel and provides accommodations for guests coming to France. The castle is located in the vicinity of Paris, 7 km away from Fontainebleau. Chateau was built in the 17th century on the place of feudal fortress. Being here is like travelling by the time machine. It may seem that you are in the past due to authentic character of the place. The castle is a traditional example of architecture of that period. Built in a brick and stone, it is flanked with pavilions on both sides.

The castle is still surrounded by the springfed moats – the necessary attribute of the castle in the past. The charm of this historically classified monument is undeniable. The guests are invited to have rest in the suburbs of Paris, to order a romantic weekend for two in the most prestigious rooms.

i (10)Cazaudehore la Forestiere is a four-star castle hotel that has been owned by the same family for 3 generations already. The chateau is 15 minutes away from Paris. There are 30 rooms in the castle with 5 suites where you can pamper yourself in an elegant setting. Extraordinary natural environment awaits you here, while all pleasures of the city is at your disposal as the castle is close to the capital.

Chateau du Marechal de Saxe is a historical place that reminds of the battle on Fontenoy battlefield in 1745. Marshal let the Englishmen fire first but his people still defeated the enemy. Louis XV presented a village to him along with many privileges.

chateau_marechal_saxeThe castle belonged to Saxe from 1748. The castle was decorated by the best specialists of that time. Each room received its name that has been preserved until now: chic suites Anna Ivanovna and Chambre Louis XIII. There is a huge park, an excellent swimming pool and fitness studio for physical activity. One can spend time in a reading room or a restaurant that offers wonderful dishes.

You can also explore the region that offers horse riding, golf, cinema, museum, tennis and etc. One can make a virtual visit on the website of the hotel before making an order.

i (12)Four-star Chateau de Montvillargenne hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels near Paris. It is located 35 kilometers from Paris. Chantilly Forest surrounds this magnificent building. There are 120 rooms in this castle built in Norman style. It is the biggest castle in France. The castle belonged to the Rothschilde family in the past. There is a gourmet restaurant with exquisite dishes, a beautifully decorated that offers a selection of cocktails. The hotel includes a wellness center with a spa, a sauna, a pool, a fitness room and massage booths. International conferences take place there often.

All these castles feature luxurious interior and high prices – this is the elite rest. Not all can afford staying in a genuine castle and those who do – remember this experience for the whole life.