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Vintage Travel in Legendary Orient Express


Discerning travelers do not look for the particular places nowadays – they look for experience, and choose the traveling trip with this thought in mind. Certain environment creates special atmosphere that makes you feel as if you’ve made a trip to the past. This is like a time machine but the trip does not require the discovery of some sophisticated mechanism making the dream real. Quite on the contrary, you travel by train that was carefully replicated from the one that used to cross the Europe in the 19th century. This refers to Orient Express, a famous train known all over the world. We read about it in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Agatha Christie’s “Murder in the Orient Express”, in the writings of Ray Bradbury, Ian Fleming, Graham Greene and others. This is a legendary train, where Hercule Poirot racked his brain over the next mystery, and we are also involved and intrigued over it. However, we can feel that only when the environment is reproduced. This is what the trip in the Orient Express can provide to the travelers. If you want to feel a part of history, spend your vacation in vintage carriages of Orient Express.

203903A long distance passenger train Orient Express was launched in 1883 and until now it has reserved its design and style. The route of the Orient Express was different but the trip was always associated with intrigue. Originally Paris and Istanbul were the end points of this travel. Nowadays there are a lot of different routes such as Istanbul-Bucharest-Budapest-Venice, London-Venice-Rome, London-Venice, Paris-Venice and etc. This is the most romantic way to go to Venice if you choose to do it by this train.

The legendary Orient Express made its last trip in 2007 but privately owned trains managed to restore the trains of the past – they look exactly like the trains that used to run in 1920-s, 1930-s. It is an excellent way to cross the Europe within a day! The coaches present classic luxury. The cost may seem costly for such short time but the travelers consider that it worth the money spent on it. The trip surpasses all expectations.

203899Privately run trains use the name Orient Express now to deliver luxury travel to the tourists who expect extraordinary experience from this trip. Themed luxury train suits the goal perfectly.

The trip in Orient Express has become very popular therefore the destination points were extended. There is nothing surprising that Orient Express runs in Asia and Southern America now.

The food is superb in the restaurant car and the service is flawless. Dining can be referred to one of the most pleasurable activities aboard. There are dedicated stewards in the train fully at your disposal. They are ready to attend to all your needs. There is a double cabin with convenient banquette sofa, foot stools and amenities such as washbasin with hot and cold water.

Cabin suit tour includes two cabins that connect each other. There is a great restaurant car and bar in the train with its unique history. You will like the design in Art Nouveau style that looks moderate and chic. Commitment to tradition made Orient Express one of the most recognizable trains in history.

203898As you voyage through Europe and cross the countries, you will be able to enjoy picturesque landscapes of French Alps and remarkable luxury ambience that gives some aristocratic surge.

The Golden Age of travel will continue as long as such luxury trains run. Before you order the trip you should decide upon the departure point, the point of destination and the date. The choice is really good so you will certainly find what you like.