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French crystal maker Baccarat: Interior with Style

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It expanded abroad and conquered the hearts of the highest persons of those times: kings, duchesses, dukes, princesses who valued Baccarat products highly. You could see the accessories of the brand in the homes of well-known celebrities: Princess Grace Monaco, Aristotle Onassis, Josephine Baker and etc.

There were hard periods in the country but the company survived. It is flourishing now and still specializes on high end clients who acquire luxury Baccarat items with pleasure. Crystal glassware produced by Baccarat Crystal is famous all over the world.  Baccarat vases adorn the most luxurious interiors. The company has its own museums. The products of the company are presented on all continents. Many people are happy to have Baccarat decorations and tableware in their collections. The most valuable pieces are presented in the museums of the country.

Exquisite Baccarat decorative accessories and vases are among the most highly appreciated works since the 18th century. Finest French crystal is used for production and each piece is crafted with accuracy and attention. Baccarat accessories meet high standards of artistry and innovation. Using Baccarat products you choose to celebrate the events in style. The occasions are going to be more memorable with such luxury things.


Do you want to know more about the magic of light? Baccarat can tell you much about that. Actually, Baccarat writes its own history of light as it creates chandeliers from the 19th century. It always enhances its technology and newer products become the better ones establishing the reputation of the leader on a new level. The company invited the most talented designers to continue the tradition of creating the unique products. The most famous ones are Philippe Nigro, Philippe Starck, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Jean-Marc Gady, Louise Campbell and etc. The pieces surprisingly combine innovation and refinement. In other worlds, these things tell us about the history of the past in their unique way.

Flawless Baccarat crystal decorations became the embodiments of renewed tradition. The brand is traditionally perfect and still offers unique products of unsurpassed quality. Famous luxury stores present Baccarat products in their store windows such as Harrods.

Baccarat offers an incredible assortment. The philosophy of the company is to make the customers familiar with the brand. For this reason, exhibition of glass objects is offered as a rule. The collections contain the objects of famous people who became known throughout the world: Prince of Cambodia, President of Brazil, President of Mexico, Napoleon III and so on.

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Creating design for jewelry collections Baccarat masters look at the tableware. The source of inspiration was rather unusual but it does not matter if the result is superb. You can see lovely lines in the jewelry pieces with hexagonal base and floral motives on the flat side of rings. This is an unprecedented case when stemware inspires and affects the jewelry design. Look at the collections B Mania and B Lovely Lines to assess how gorgeous the decorations are.

Crystal clear vases with stunning design can be a superb gift. You can choose among the variety of elegant patterns to find a unique gift if you choose the model of wings of Love Tulip Bouquet with Baccarat Crystal Loving Doves. Reveal your feelings with excellent fresh flowers paired with a crystal sculpture of loving doves. This symbol of love will impress your darling.