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5 top luxury furniture brands in Europe


Lovers of high end furniture should apply to a French famous company Roche Bobois Group. This brand produces luxury furniture and presents exclusive collections every six months. It can be proudly called one of the leading companies among furniture makers with stores on all continents of the world. Extraordinary collections of the brand reflect some freedom and boldness of style in both bright multicolored models and more reserved ones.

18443.imgcacheTalented French designers are working for this luxury furniture brand. When the company was launched in 1950-s, its primary goal was distribution of contemporary furniture. Now the company belongs to the trendsetters in the world of stylish interior. The company is presented in 40 countries of the world. It is considered to be the most talented furniture brand that is known internationally. Roche Bobois Group owns about 240 boutiques and opens a new boutique each month.

There is wide selection of furniture to meet the demands of people with different tastes. All are performed with luxury and style. For instance, the line of sofas includes about 170 models – a quite big variety. You will find proper solutions for your cozy home and office. Roche Bobois Group teaches us to love luxury experience.

13178990480898_w904h3000Unexpected solutions of Edra will make your house unforgettable as the ideas presented by this luxury Italian brand can’t be found somewhere else. There is posh luxury and lavishness about this brand. The company is rather young and was founded in 1987. In spite of its young age it firmly entered the market of luxury furniture. The combination of traditionalism and innovative luxury can’t be compared with style of the other brand. The essential feature of this brand is in its connection of traditionalism and style and the developers cope with this task quite easily.

chaise-ami-ami-transparente-kartellThe next top luxury furniture brand is Kartell – a company that makes contemporary luxury furniture. Kartell presents innovative interesting designs that decorate the most luxurious interiors. You will see a creative approach to glamorous design in Kartell. The lasting success of the company is explicable. Glossy finish and high end material is the clue. The success of the company headquartered in Milan can be also explained by the extraordinary approach of the company: creativity is combined with technology, and glamour appearance does not interfere with its functionality. High quality furniture produced by Kartell is appealing thanks to irony, colour, play of senses and unique shapes. It is easily recognized because it stirs up excitement. The designers of the company use new materials and experiment with new technologies due to the ongoing research conducted here. The developers always discover new properties therefore the customers get high end furniture and unrivalled performance!

2622-1289228719A brand turns into luxury brand when it is used by the A-listers or international celebrities. They can afford the best therefore they choose to buy Rolf Benz and Hülsta. These German companies provide the most contemporary luxury design using state-of-the-art technology with German precision. Their stores (600 stores of Rolf Benz and 500 Hülsta stores) are located in 50 countries of the world. Rolf Benz and Hülsta cater for the most demanding clients who look for the functional luxury in their homes. Two sister companies pursue the same philosophy but specialize on different furniture: one of them – on sofas and the other on wall units. They assure that they can provide everything the client wants: 300 colors to choose from, fabric to the taste of the customer. A custom made approach requires more time but the result is worth the effort. It must be noted that German design is more straightforward. If they look at new trends they just want to catch up with the times. But using innovative technology they do not design something very fancy. They’d rather call their main approach “down-to-earth”, accentuating beauty and functionality.