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The Lake Como Issue


Lago di Como is a magic place and it doesn’t need the introduction. This beautiful lake has been a popular retreat for royalty and wealthy society since ancient times. This is where charm, history, Italian hospitality and nature create a perfect blend of sophistication, harmony and splendor. Lake Como became number one destination for luxury weddings for one simple reason, nowhere else you could feel, taste and see all the best of the best what Italy has to offer. Everywhere you go on the Lake, you will experience the burst of emotions, magnitude of the pre-alpine mountains and unexplainable connection to the nature. When you see reflections of ancient mansions and historical villas in the deep emerald color of the Lake, you could feel the history and appreciate the cultural gems. It is a very special place for me and I am excited to write about this wonderful place together with my American friend who is the resident of Lake Como and who would like to be an anonymous contributor to this Issue.


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