Elite Club, Ltd.

The London Issue


London is the number one destination for businessmen, tourists, fashionistas and artists. This beaming city is so full of life, vibrating energy, innovation, business opportunities, rich history and modern extravaganza that it puts London in my book as the best city for business and pleasure.

I am happy to introduce our contributor for this issue the lifestyle company Innerplace. This VIP concierge company concentrates on the niche area of members clubs, restaurants, premieres, events and other luxury entertainment. The founder Tim Badham describes the company as specialist concierge service: “We curate the right kind of places for the right kind of people, with the social needs of a select membership in mind. Innerplace is literally that; a place on the inside where our cosmopolitan members can discover London’s hottest and most exclusive entertainment offerings”. Whether it’s providing access to the top private member’s clubs and restaurants, VIP invitations to the capital’s most exclusive events, insider updates on the latest new launches, sought-after tickets, or the opportunity to mingle with like-minded and discerning individuals at one of Innerplace’s select members’ parties, Innerplace has a decade of experience ensuring its members enjoy the best that London has to offer.


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